Thursday, October 31, 2013

Give as you Live

ASOSjumpsuitthelittlemagpie3 ASOSjumpsuitthelittlemagpie6 ASOSjumpsuitthelittlemagpie7
Check jumpsuit - ASOS | Leather jacket - Oh My Love | Heels -Tesco | Necklace - Forever 21

I was recently contacted about Give as you Live and, once I'd had a quick read up about it and tried it out for myself by buying this checked number from ASOS, was really excited to share the concept with you guys. Basically, you can raise money for your chosen charity just. by. shopping. That's right, doing what most of us do best. You set up an account, choose which charity you'd like to raise money for (there's a whole host on there, I decided to go for Cancer Research) and then install the Give as you Live widget on your browser. From then on, when you go on a website that supports Give as you Live, a little bar will pop up on your screen asking if you'd like to donate a percentage of your purchase to charity; you click on it, and that's it! T'is that simple and pain-free. It doesn't cost you any extra on top of your purchase either, they just recycle the affiliate spend of the website into a donation. You also get a running total of how much you raise for charity, which gives you a nice fuzzy feeling inside every time you see it. Plus, it gives you the perfect comeback to anyone at home moaning at you for online shopping; "I'm actually raising money for charity, OKAY?". Boom, take that.

I hope that all makes sense ok, but if it doesn't then you can find out a bit more about how it works here.

Amy x