Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss Selfridge petite feature

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Cold shoulder dress 
I recently worked with Miss Selfridge on an exciting little petite feature for their magalogue, so I thought it was about time I shared some of the images on here with you guys. The box of product that they sent me to style up ended up being delayed, which left me with one unbelievably stressful morning to put together and photograph all of the outfits, but thankfully the weather stayed dry and we managed to get them all done in time. Mission Impossible: Completed. Although I'm sure Rob's neighbours were wondering who this little diva was that thought eight outfit changes in the space of a couple of hours was acceptable behaviour. I'm so happy with how the feature turned out - anything that celebrates us munchkin-sized people is a win in my eyes. The whole petite range is amazing just now, with my favourite being the embellished playsuit in the first photo (which I think will be available online soon). The magalogue came out last week and comes free inside the edition of Look magazine that's in stores now - good luck finding one though, I think my mum has bought out the lot - as well as being available in Miss Selfridge stores if you fancy a seeing the whole thing properly!

Amy x