Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ombre hombre

IL2Lleatherjacketthelittlemagpie3 IL2Lleatherjacketthelittlemagpie9 IL2Lleatherjacketthelittlemagpie6 IL2Lleatherjacketthelittlemagpie10
Ombre leather jacket - c/o IL2L | Crop jumper - old H&M (similar here) | High waisted trousers - Missguided | Heels - Tesco

I love ombre and I love leather, so this jacket really did have me at hello. It's another soft, nice-to-stroke number (I'm beginning to think, 'does it feel nice to touch?', should be my new main requirement for clothes) and has a lovely fit too. You can find the badboy here on the IL2L website, which has a whole selection of amazing leathery goodness. I wore it with my trusty Missguided tailored trousers, which are the black version of these pink ones I did a post with a while back. Yes, I'm building quite the collection.

Amy x