Tuesday, May 28, 2013


skinniebelledressthelittlemagpie skinniebelledressthelittlemagpie3 glamorousfringeleatherjacketthelittlemagpie
Dress c/o Skinniebelle // Hat - River Island (Similar here) // Tassle Jacket - c/o Glamorous // Boots - Topshop

It's been pretty sunny this week and I feel like my wardrobe's just been shouting, 'AMY, YOU ARE UNDER-PREPARED FOR SUMMER' at me, so I had a trip to Primark to spend some money I don't have (the best kind of shopping trip...) and, along with this dress, I am now fully equipped and ready to get my sunshine awn. I feel like the weather's going to be bad in Disney just to spite me but, guess what Disney, I don't care. You're just that magical that you could rain in my face and I'd still grin like a goofy child. MWAH.

Now, I'd say about 80% of my clothes fall into the monochrome category but when I saw this dress on the Skinniebelle website I thought, 'come on Amy, let's break this black and white curse'*, but then I accidentally caved and got this jacket from Glamorous website. I described it excitedly to my brother, forgetting to mention the colour, and when it arrived he said, 'Oh. I didn't think it'd be black'. Mac, Mac, Mac, you dum-dum, of course it was going to be black. One colourful item a week is progress enough for me. I do love a good leather jacket but the fact that this one has tassels just makes it a million times better, I'm sure we're going to be very happy together.

Amy x

* Just kidding, black and white, you're not really a curse. Love you longtime.