Tuesday, May 28, 2013


skinniebelledressthelittlemagpie skinniebelledressthelittlemagpie3 glamorousfringeleatherjacketthelittlemagpie
Dress c/o Skinniebelle // Hat - River Island (Similar here) // Tassle Jacket - c/o Glamorous // Boots - Topshop

It's been pretty sunny this week and I feel like my wardrobe's just been shouting, 'AMY, YOU ARE UNDER-PREPARED FOR SUMMER' at me, so I had a trip to Primark to spend some money I don't have (the best kind of shopping trip...) and, along with this dress, I am now fully equipped and ready to get my sunshine awn. I feel like the weather's going to be bad in Disney just to spite me but, guess what Disney, I don't care. You're just that magical that you could rain in my face and I'd still grin like a goofy child. MWAH.

Now, I'd say about 80% of my clothes fall into the monochrome category but when I saw this dress on the Skinniebelle website I thought, 'come on Amy, let's break this black and white curse'*, but then I accidentally caved and got this jacket from Glamorous website. I described it excitedly to my brother, forgetting to mention the colour, and when it arrived he said, 'Oh. I didn't think it'd be black'. Mac, Mac, Mac, you dum-dum, of course it was going to be black. One colourful item a week is progress enough for me. I do love a good leather jacket but the fact that this one has tassels just makes it a million times better, I'm sure we're going to be very happy together.

Amy x

* Just kidding, black and white, you're not really a curse. Love you longtime.


Izzy said...

You're dress it so cute! And I wish I looked as good in hats as you do, it really suits you :)xo


Unknown said...

Cutest lil dress, I wish I had the pennies to get myself something similar! Also, your shoes are scrummy.

Lucy said...

Such a pretty dress! I'm loving those boots too xx

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

Unknown said...

That dress is beautiful! So pretty xx

Lara said...

Love this combination and the colour on that dress is gorgeous :)

Holl JC said...

Oh you look amazing Amy! I love that dress, the pattern and colour are both so pretty! The detailing on the back of your jacket is awesome! xxx


EmerJa said...

Your style is perfect. LOOOOVE IT!!:) The jacket is awesome:)


Unknown said...

I love something feminine with something edgy :) This is perfect! And how great are those cutouts?

xo Ashley

Patricia G. said...

wow, amazing dress!! love so much with de perfect jacket!!!

Unknown said...

This dress is really amazing! xx

Unknown said...

This dress is absolutely stunning!xx


Outline Amy said...

Love that dress, I need more colourful things too. I'm currently and persistently wearing a black iron man tshirt! x

Amy / srslylou

Kaz said...

That dress is a beaut! I'm in dire need of more summery clothes too... a shopping trip is definitely in order!
Kaz at Sunshine Days x

Unknown said...

This link is perfect!

Jenny said...

That jacket really is amazing! I love the fringe detailing to the back such a nice fit too! so pretty x

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Jenny Wilson | That Northern Gal said...

Love this dress and the detailing of the jacket is beautiful!


Jodie said...

You look awesome that tassel jacket is to amazing for words.
Love the dress too x

daniella-r said...

Love the colour + print of the dress, and the cut out detail is so pretty. I think my wardrobe feels the same abotu me tbh!
Daniella x


Trina | Trinawears said...

Amazing dress!

-Trina ♥
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Anonymous said...

i love your hat, tassle jacket and the boots! so cool! :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress!!

Ramblings Of Hannah


Unknown said...

I love your dress and your boots! Such a pretty outfit!


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

ooh I do love the detailing on the jacket, you can't go wrong with black :) The dress is such a pretty print too, now if only Summer would come back.. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, your dress is really nice! :-)

Caroline said...

this dress is soooo lovely! you look gorgeous amy xx

Carly's closet said...

Perfect outfit I love this dress Keep up with your blog, I love it! You're doing an amazing job!


Carly's Closet