Monday, May 27, 2013


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Shirt - c/o Lavish Alice // Skirt - Evil Twin // Boots - Topshop

I've already banged on about how good Lavish Alice's new collection is and, as tempted as I am to do it again, I won't. All I'll say it ch-ch-ch-check it out (if you could sing that like Lil Chris that'd be great) as there's some amazing bits in there. I absolutely love this blouse, partly because I've never really seen anything like it and partly because, well, it's monochrome. I wore it last week with my black skinny jeans and boots but pure laziness has led to that becoming a bit of uniform for me so I popped it on with a skirt today instead. It's been really sunny too so I suppose it would have been rude not to. 

Well I better get back to packing. I can't remember if I said on here before or not but Rob's taking me away to Disneyland for five days for my 21st. I've never been before and, when I was younger, I used to sit and watch that fifteen minute free promotional video with my brother, thinking about how amazing it would be so I am RIDICULOUSLY excited. I'm not actually sure whether I'll laugh or cry when I arrive... probably a weird mix of both. I've scheduled some posts for when I'm away so, alas, you won't get rid of me. That is unless I manage to forget to hit 'publish' like I did for all my scheduled posts last time. but the less said about that the better.

Amy x