Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stop, colour time.

boohooaztecbikerjacketthelittlemagpie boohooaztecbikerjacketthelittlemagpie3 boohooaztecbikerjacketthelittlemagpie2 sheinsidestripetopthelittlemagpie
Jacket - c/o Boohoo // Shorts - Vintage Levis // Stripe top - c/o Sheinside // Necklace - H&M

Another coloured item?! Oh yeah, I know how to live life on the wild side. This jacket's from Boohoo's new Boutique collection which, if you ask me (you didn't, but I'm gonna tell you anyway), is the best one yet. There's a real boho-feel to it and all the items are pretty special, which made it hard to choose just one thing, but this jacket looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and said, 'Amy, you know deep down that I'm the prettiest thing here', so I said, 'Ok, welcome to my wardrobe/back new friend'. I don't like to boast about it but, yes, I am a clothes whisperer. I threw caution to the wind and fully embraced my colourful side by popping it on with this blue and yellow top from Sheinside. Admittedly I wore my black shoes so I didn't end up vomiting from monochrome-withdrawal. No one wants to see that. 

Amy x