Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

 Hello amigos! I hope you're all doing ok - it's a bit of a funny time at the moment having dates for things starting to open up again but, at the same time, not quite feeling like it's real/also being a bit anxious for life returning to normal pace. A time of a million and one emotions! However. one thing that I know is bringing a lot of joy is the return of weddings... Hooray! I pulled together some of my favourite wedding guest looks on Instagram stories over the weekend after a few people had asked for it and then realised - WOAH BETSY - I'd accidentally pulled together over 90 pieces. Far too many for ye olde stories, I think the app might just have completely combusted. So here they are altogether in one big blog post! You might spot a few white/cream dresses in there and think, 'what are you playing at you crazy cat!' but they were too pretty not to include and I thought they might work for events that aren't weddings; say a fancy garden party or... I've forgotten what other events there are it's been so long. To be honest I'll be whapping my fancy dresses out for trips to cafes I'm so excited for normality to resume. It was a total joy to put together so I hope it helps! Stay tuned at the bottom for a list of incredible smaller/independent brands.

I also asked on stories for people to send in their favourite smaller/independent brands for wedding guest ideas and there were some grrrreat suggestions:
- Meadows (genuinely some of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen)
- Pixie & Bobs (this one came up a lot! Lots of lovely dresses you could wear again and again throughout Summer)
- Sika (SO beautiful and so unique - all handmade in Ghana and each and every piece is incredible. The Billie, Beeko, KC and Justina are all my dream dress come true)
- Seraphina (a treasure chest full of Spring/Summer delights)
- Megan Crosby (all made to order - so many joyous prints and pieces)
- Kitri (I bloody love Kitri! I can't believe I forgot to include them originally)
- Fanm Mon (B-E-A-U-TIFUL dresses)
- The Kemist (The Santiago stripe two piece - YES!)
- Own Studio (these would be especially beautiful for bridesmaids dresses)
- The Pansy Garden (if you're a vintage fan and love a bit of whimsy, you are going to fall in LOVE with The Pansy Garden. The perfect dresses for prancing and twirling in)
- Another Matinee (run by the wonderful Sarah who has an eye for finding some truly spectacular vintage dresses)
- Lisou (makers of some of the best two-pieces and suits in the land)

And there's also the wonderful Vestiaire for second hand clothing (prepare to lose a good few hours on there) and By Rotation, Hurr and Endless Wardrobe where you can rent a huge selection of clothing for a few days/week at a time which is a ruddy great idea. 

Amy x