Wednesday, February 3, 2021

My favourite homewear pieces online right now

 Hello pals! Happy hump day (at least I believe it's hump day, it's hard to tell which day's which at the moment). I did a wee poll over on Instagram to see if people were still reading blogs and was delighted to find out that a lot of you still were; I think because people are less inclined to comment nowadays, myself included, there's sometimes the worry that you're writing into the abyss. So I'm over the moon that people still like to come over for a longer read! There were lots and lots of great suggestions for posts and one of the ones that came up the most was homeware. I LOVE browsing homewear - especially trinkets, glasswear and - truly can't get enough of them - novelty matches, so this one was a dream to put together. I'll make these a regular thing if you enjoy them and, for now, here are some of my favourite homewear pieces on the interweb right now: