Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Little Christmas Gift Guide!

image1 Christmas? Can't say I've thought about it... I've hardly mentioned it have I? Oh no wait, I've mentioned it almost every single day for the past week and couldn't honestly be any more excited for it if I tried. Last week the lovely Cath Kidston invited us into their beautiful new Edinburgh store to do some Christmas shopping and, I have to say, I was in my absolute element. You know how much I love Cath Kidston already, but the store just made me fall in love with them even more. It's a gift giver's wonderland in there and I left feeling so incredibly festive and fuzzy. I've put together a wee gift guide today with the bits and bobs I picked up and I've included some snaps from inside the store too so that you can hopefully pick up a bit of giftspiration for yourself if you're struggling! 

Cath Kidston Gift Guide
...and by stocking fillers I mean the smaller gifts. The secret santa presents, the wee things for your besties, the fun ones. And Cath K have them in abundance! I picked up some little hand creams - which come in the sweetest designs and are the perfect size for fitting in your handbag - some tissues, which may seem like a random gift but my Mum always gets me a really pretty wee pack of tissues each year and I love it. I also picked up a pen WITH CATS ALL OVER IT which, as you can tell, I'm quite excited about, a box of charades, which I'm also very excited about. T'is the season to play fun games with your loved ones (let's not talk about the arguing that, inevitably, always follows) and I love that charades comes in such a pretty box. They have a good few different games and all in different coloured, beautiful packaging! And mugs, oh mugs. They're my favourite present to buy and my favourite to receive so of course there had to be at least two options in there. There's an initial one, I have many 'A' mugs at home and can never get enough of them, and an exceptionally cute Mickey Mouse one from the Disney range. Ooh, and last but not least a candle! Another of my go-to gifts. You need to go in and have a sniff of them, they're beautiful. This is one of the minis but they also come in a bigger size complete with gift box! 

The Little Magpie Cath Kidston New Edinburgh Store
Ok, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Two of these things are for me. Yes, I treated myself as well... I just couldn't help it. I like to get a Christmas jumper every year - I never thrown them away either, I just have a growing mound of brightly coloured jumpers that I like to work my way through each season - and as soon as I saw this 'sparkle sparkle one' I knew it had to be this year's. It's so lovely, isn't it? And so soft too! And speaking of soft, the bow print jammies are also mine and they're an absolute delight to wear. They're soft, fitted but not tight and, most importantly, have bows that look a little like candy canes all over them. The other gifts you see these are tea towels (which I honestly think make a lovely gift, especially when the prints are as nice as these ones) and the teeniest tiniest pyjamas you ever did see. Now I know I'm quite short but you'll be surprised to hear that they aren't actually for me. They're baby pyjamas! Cath Kidston has the most amazing range of baby bits in at the moment; from pyjamas to cosy jumpers to cuddly toys and back again. If you have a baby or tiny little chiddler to buy for this year then this is your place!

Photo 06-12-2017, 15 19 22 The Little Magpie Christmas Gift Guide with Cath Kidston The Little Magpie Christmas Gift Guide with Cath Kidston The Little Magpie Christmas Gift Guide with Cath Kidston Photo 06-12-2017, 15 18 44 PicMonkey Collage
And here are a few more snaps of some of the bits they have in well as some snaps of my pieces in action! I've had the jammies on non stop (washed in between, nobody panic) but the very first time I wore them was to put up the Christmas tree which was a magical experience for everyone involved. Even the pyjamas. And the jumper I actually wore for the first time to the Christmas markets last week which was oh so festive! It's now tucked away in my drawer ready and waiting for the week leading up to Christmas. You know, when the special jumpers come out to play.

For those of you wondering, Cath Kidston's new amazing Edinburgh store is 98-99 Princes Street. For more info see here!


Post in collaboration with Cath Kidston