Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wind is my least favourite weather type

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ZARA frill crop top | ASOS green cigarette trousers (old I'm afraid, but there are similar here and here) | TOPSHOP espadrilles | FREE PEOPLE straw hat (similar here) | FURLA bag | FENDI sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses

Photos by Lianne Mackay

'Ello there! Well, I'm currently writing this from a very rainy hotel room - the weather outside is rainy, the hotel room is, thankfully, quite dry - and pining for the days when it was ok to wear an outfit like this. Glasgow has had a truly horrendous summer this year, to the point where I've genuinely woken up and thought, 'hurrah!' if the weather's been anything close to bright. In July. That's not right is it? Anyway, this was taken on one of those freak warm days we had in sunny Edinburgh. Being Edinburgh though, this sun came with a big old serving of wind. My least favourite weather type (does anyone remember when the guy on junior apprentice said this? It was so many years ago and it still comes into my head at least once a week and makes me laugh).

Anyway, I should go, but before I do I shall ask you this: is there anything you'd like to see more of on here. Lookbooks? Beauty? How to: Juggle (I'll need to work a bit more for that last one but if you want it I'll... see what I can do). In all seriousness though, if there's anything you'd like to see more of or less of then let me know! I've been feeling a little bit lost this past month so it'd be nice to know if there's anything you have a burning desire to see.

I already regret offering to learn how to juggle.


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