Saturday, June 10, 2017

Two Holiday Looks with Matalan

IMG_6975 The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfits Lisbon IMG_6945 The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfits inspo Lisbon The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfit Lisbon The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfit Lisbon The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfits ideas Lisbon The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfit Lisbon IMG_6988 The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfit Inspiration Lisbon Portugal The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfit

Oh my goodness. Before anyone says anything, I am so aware that my tag is hanging out the right hand side of my top and am so very sorry for any pain and/or discomfort it might be causing you to look at. I like to keep them on when I go on holiday so that I can hang my clothes up properly and let them slowly de-crease from their treacherous journey over in a prison, sorry, suitcase, but I was so very unaware that it was hanging out all day, mocking me. I guess it just wanted to see the sights.

Anywaaaay, today's look is a holiday daytime look! I wanted to put together something that looks nice and is comfortable to walk around all day in but will still let you get some sun, thus this combination was born. I opted for little cropped trousers (classic me) in a really nice, light, loose material (good for walking round in and no chafing, you know what I'm talking about ladies) and paired it with this equally light embroidered white top. It's very beautiful in real life with its rope-tie shoulders and embroidery, hides a sangia baby, and is a bargain at £16. Winner, winner (peri peri) chicken dinner. I prefer to wear my trousers with a bit of a heel so that I can lengthen my incredibly short legs, so I opted for these big ole lace-up flatforms which I absolutely love! I don't really have any shoes in this colour so they've been a nice addition to my wardrobe (shoedrobe?). Last but not least, I finished the look off with some biiiiiiig big earrings which, again, I enjoy very much. I'd like to pretend my hair's switching from being tied up to being down in these photos to show off my sassy earrings but in reality it was just because it was very hot and I was starting to get a sweaty back of neck.

The Little Magpie Red Jumpsuit Lisbon The Little Magpie Red Jumpsuit Lisbon The Little Magpie Matalan Summer Outfits Lisbon 1 The Little Magpie Red Jumpsuit Lisbon The Little Magpie Red Jumpsuit Lisbon The Little Magpie Red Jumpsuit Lisbon

Another little daytime staple for me on holiday: the jumpsuit. The good old jumpsuit. You can't beat it. This one appealed to me in particular with its's sexy paisley print and bright red colour. I kept the look simple because a) it's a statement piece and b) it was too hot to even think about layering, and paired it with the big gold earrings again (you are, yes, going to have to prise them from me at some point) and these verrrry cute cat-eye sunglasses.

I'll be back next week with a nighttime look for you! I hope these daytime ones tickled your pickle in the meantime.


Post in collaboration with ever-wonderful Matalan


The Style Rawr said...

How gorgeous is that top!? This first outfit is the peeerfect summer holiday 'I'm an exploring tourist' look. I actually can't get over how affordable Matalan is! I just wish my local store was bigger so I could try it all on and prance around because sometimes my size is OOS online. That jumpsuit is gorgeous on you and looks much more expensive! Beaut snaps too. :)

T x

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Andrea said...

You look gorgeous!! Love the top you have in the first outfit!!


Seize your Style

Emma Copland said...

I love both of these outfits so much!! I never think to look at Matalan, but definitely need to check out their Summer pieces now x

Shade said...

I'm in love with that first top, cannot believe it's from Matalan

Minimal Convert

the gold lipstick said...

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Unknown said...

LOVE the print of that jumpsuit! <3

Unknown said...

Love the first one! xx


Ana Vieira said...

Both looks are beautiful. Are you in Lisbon?! :D

Blog - Coco made me do this


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