Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Petite Dressing

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TOPSHOP yellow trousers (also come in lilac and green) | NEW LOOK gingham top | ZARA studded biker (similar and similar) | H&M nude sandals | FENDI sunglasses | COACH silver bag

...I did tell you the trousers made me look like I had a penis, didn't I? Anyway, despite this (or maybe because of this? But that's an issue I'll leave to my therapist) this has been one of my favourite outfits to wear in a long time. You might recognise the jacket from this instagram here; I found it hiding at the back of a rail in Zara (yes, I'm the loser who goes all the way to New York and still goes into Zara) and fell a little bit in love. Plus it's great if you need a lot of personal space; people tend to give you a big berth when you're covered in big silver spikes. I thought I'd make it just a little bit girly today by pairing it with with this gingham wonder of a blouse from New Look, which is a very, very appealing £15. There's also a cute little matching skirt that you can get too. I, however, did not pair it with the matching skirt, I paired it with some very, very subtle yellow trousers. A bold move for me but I love them, even in the petite ranges it's so rare to find a pair of trousers that actually fit in length so they get a big 10/10 from me. On an unrelated note, please excuse the static hair and questionable parting, if any if you have been to Edinburgh you'll feel my pain... that wind is something else.

I'm shooting some more looks this weekend now that I'm back from Lisbon, I'm thinking maybe a summer dressing one and something else petite inspired? But it's all very much undecided at the moment, so if there's anything you'd like to see then let me know!


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