Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Smelling The Flowers

The Little Magpie Sandro Paris Blue Dress Santorini The Little Magpie Sandro Paris Blue Dress The Little Magpie Sandro Blue Dress Santorini The Little Magpie Sandro Paris Blue Dress Santorini The Little Magpie Sandro Blue Dress Santorini 1 The Little Magpie Sandro Paris Blue Dress Santorini The Little Magpie Sandro Paris Blue Dress
SANDRO asymmetric hem dress (also comes in black and similar in polka dot) | FENDI sunglasses |

Well hello there! From one fancy dress post to another, who do I think I am? I'm not sharing my Greece content for another couple of weeks (not to be selfish or to build suspense, just because I want to get it all looking spick and span and I accidentally took over 2000 photos) but I couldn't wait to share these outfit snaps we shot. As you all know, Sandro's one of my favourite shops and, although it's more at the I'll-be-living-on-beans-for-a-month end of the scale, I couldn't resist picking this dress up for Santorini. I'd had my eye on it for ages and in a wild, Carpe Diem style moment of madness, I ran to the till with it in Harvey Nichols one day shouting 'JUST RING IT THROUGH BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND'. Kidding, they'd probably have thrown me out the store if I'd done that but, still, it was exhilarating all the same. Like the majority of us gals do, I saved it for our last day because it was my favourite and it just so worked in my favour because it ended up matching perfectly with the blue domes of the Santoiri churches. I'm not one to dress to match my surroundings on purpose but, my, what a rush it is when it happens. That reads like sarcasm doesn't it, but it's really not, I like playing chameleon and I'm not ashamed of it. The dress really was so lovely and light to wear and I've got a few summer weddings coming up in the next few months so I know I'll get my wear out of it. Ah... if a sentence has ever reeked of desperate justification...


P.S I apologise for the creases and the Monica Geller-esque hair, I'd been riding a scooter previous to these photos and it did not bode well for either my hair or the dress 


Patricia G. said...

I fall in love with this dress!

claudia said...

I love the dress, it´s gorgeous!

Around Colours said...

Gorgeous dress! The colour is beautiful and I love the fit as well, it's really flattering.

Marta -

Kate-Louise said...

That dress was made for you, you look amazing!! x

Kate -

the gold lipstick said...

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Laura said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! And that view is just breathtaking <3

Laura // Middle of Adventure

Holl JC said...

Oh wow! You look incredible Amy, such a stunner! x

Unknown said...

Oh my good god wifey.. you are SO FIT! Bloody love this dress on you! And trust me when I say your hair looks GOOD post-moped, mine would be frizz central haha!

Hayley xo

Unknown said...

Wow this looks like an incredible place!


Anonymous said...

I want this dresssss!! It's stunning! x

Mariateresa Scotti said...

Beautiful dress!
Mariateresa Scotti
Fashion secrets of a pretty girl

Gemstar said...

That is a very unusual dress, I have never seen one like that.

The Style Rawr said...

Girrrrl, this was worth every penny! I love the frill - it's the perfect summer dress. Can't wait to read your epic Grecian tale. That second pic though!? Actually, all these snaps are ridiculous.

T x

thursdaysarchive said...

if you look that fab in an outfit post after riding a scooter, I think I need to test it out too! haha

Laura |

Sam Ball said...

You little cutie pie! This dress is beyond lush and you look amazing in it, definitely worth the price tag.

Hope you had a blast in that gorgeous place, can't wait to read all about it.

Sam xo | Alright Sunshine

Unknown said...

I love the ruffles and shape of the dress, you rock out all the fancy dress posts girl!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

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