Sunday, April 23, 2017

Guess Who's Back

The Little Magpie Bella Freud The Little Magpie Bella Freud Fred Perry Tee The Little Magpie Bella Freud The Little Magpie Bella Freud IMG_6561
FRED PERRY x BELLA FREUD tee (also available in white) | ZARA polka dot trousers (similar and similar) | NEW LOOK pumps (old sadly) | MAJE studded biker jacket | CELINE sunglasses (via Sunglasses Shop) 

Well howdy there! It's been a while since I've done an outfit post, hasn't it? I had a weird little crisis of confidence as of late where a)I completely forgot how to put an outfit together and b) eating a kangaroo testicle seemed more appealing than taking a photo of myself. Weird when that happens, innit? Anyway, I thought the best thing to do was to take a little time off rather than force anything which would, inevitably, end up with me foetal on the floor crying into a tub of peanut butter. Or something like that. Long story short, after a little Easter trip with some gal pals and a week away from blogging I've shaken my funk and am back and a-raring to go. 

We all know how much I love Bella Freud, so as soon as I saw her new collection with Fred Perry had dropped I got out my bank card, apologised in advance for what was about to happen, and bought me this amazing tee. They've got loads of cool stuff in the range so make sure and give it a wee browse if you're into either brand. The trousers are also new (yes I went down the cliche route of shopping to try and make myself feel better, if you could not judge me for that that'd be great. I also ate an entire Easter egg in one sitting whilst we're confessing things) and are in a very Amy-like high waisted, tapered shape. It's been pretty chilly in Glasgow so I popped my little Maje biker on, some sunnies (not strictly necessary but my eyebags had bags) and some little leopard pumps which I swear are trying to slowly kill my stupid wide feet, one blister at a time.

And there we go! I'll be back on Sunday with another post so I shall see u there.