Thursday, April 20, 2017

An Updated Morning Routine

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Bonjourno! Today's post is a nice lifestyle-y one, and it iiiiis (drumroll.... anyone?) my morning routine! This is something I change around often but that, I would say, almost always errs on the lazy side of things. If it can be done quickly it goes in, that's my motto. However, one thing I don't ever rush on - and I think I've spoken on how anal I am about this before - is my gnashers, my teeth, my pearly whites. Ever since I was little my Mum's always drilled it into me: 'brush your teeth for the full two minutes Amy, morning and night, and make sure you do it properly' and, as an adult, two of my close friends are dentists, so the thought alone of not doing it properly sends me into a spiral of panic. It's something I always notice in other people as well, before I can help it I'm shouting, 'NICE TEETH' in their face before either of us have had a second to process what's happening. However, this I shall come back to.
The Little Magpie Oral B Morning Routine

So, I wake up. I think, 'maybe I could squeeze just five more minutes out of this delicious duvet time', and then force myself to get up and face the music upon realising that five minutes will most likely turn into ten, then twenty. then... you get the picture. I hop in the ole shower, have myself a little sing-song (and a wash. but the sing song is more important) and then get to beautifying. So, teeth.  For me, Oral-B is my go-to oral care brand; I'm currently using the Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste alongside my trusty Oral-B GENIUS 9000 toothbrush (which, if you cast your memory back, you'll have heard me rave about in the past). The Oral-B Pro-expert the number one toothpaste used by dentists in the UK - hashtag humble brag - and my dentist amigo was very happy when she saw I was using it. I'm not a fan of going for check-ups but, if one thing makes it a little easier, it's knowing that I can sweet talk/impress the dentist with what toothpaste I've been using. The secret to the toothpaste being so wonderful, if anyone's wondering, is a little something called the Stannous Fluoride Complex, which is totally exclusive to Oral B. Basically it provides better protection against enamel erosion by creating a wee protective shield on the surface of your tooth, as well as re-mineralising areas where enamel is already weakened, keeping your teeth nice and healthy. So there we have it! I'd like you to picture me telling you that whist wearing a scientist's coat and writing equations on a chalkboard, please. But, in all seriousness,you can genuinely feel the difference it makes to your teeth after using it.

Other products in my current morning routine are the Kiehl's deep cleansing foaming face wash, which I've been using for a while now and is one of my absolute favourites, the Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil - a new find which has fast become a staple, I use it all over my body instead of moisturiser and it has the loveliest, most subtle smell ever - Bobbi Brown's Repair Nourishing Milk, which is a really lovely light moisturiser, especially good on gym days, finished off with a spritz of Jo Malone's Myrrh & Tonka cologne, my current favourite scent (I'll come back to this in a different post but, seriously, give it a sniff, it's lovely).
The Little Magpie Morning Routine The Little Magpie Morning Routine
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After I've beautified, I'll go and grab me some breakfast (now, I know I talked about toothpaste in the previous section but I always do my teeth after breakfast. I think there's a bit of a divide in the order in which people do these? I was horrified to learn that some wild cats do it BEFORE) and a big cup of tea, and head through to the living room to put on a record to wake me up a bit. Current favourites are Northern Soul Underground and Angel Olsen (who's ridiculously good live if anyone gets the chance to see her). After that, I'll either get cracking on with work or go to the gym. Told you I was serious on my new quest to get healthy, didn't I?

The Little Magpie Morning Routine


Post in collaboration with the wonderful Oral B, who've been keeping my gnashers healthy the longest of times.