Friday, October 21, 2016

What's In Your Bag?

Well hiiiii. Today's post is a little different to usual in that the entire outfit was built around the bag. Normally a bag's something I pop on at the last minute, but it's quite fun doing it this way. Reverse dressing if you will (just please god don't put your pants on over your trousers) When I'm looking for a bag, generally I'll go for one that's in quite a timeless style and colour. Not always - sometimes you just can't beat a little novelty bag - but nine times out of ten I'll go for a classic, a Frank Sinatra of the bag world. That's why, when I saw this one on Wallis, I was drawn to it instantly. The size, the croc print, the style, the BLACKNESS OF IT ALL... Just perfect. It's a great size in real life too, I had almost everything but the kitchen sink in there and it all slotted in nicely. 
P9233357 P9233339 P9233289 P9233298 P9233353 P9233317

So, today I've styled a very loose workwear outfit; most of the people I know work in creative/fashion industries so you can be a little cheeky with the rules when it comes to workwear, hence the reason I have on... a sweatshirt. However, if you do work in an office or somewhere a little more strict, I do believe the bag and jacket would look would look amazing with some little cigarette trousers or pencil skirt and a white shirt. And whilst we're speaking about the rest of the look, how amazing are the bag and the shoes? I genuinely couldn't believe that they were Wallis. The shoes are so ridiculously comfy, I wore them all day the first time I put them on (and you know how much I hate doing that to my weirdly shaped feet) and my feet remained completely unscathed. The jacket's a new firm A/W favourite for me as well, the big cosy thing it is. I've done a few posts wearing Wallis before but, I have to say, these are hands down my favourite pieces so far. A solid five loveheart emoji faces out of five from me.


And here we have a little sneaky of what's usually lurking in my bag (receipts and biscuit crumbs out of shot). A lipstick, me purse, sunglasses (to hide those perpetually baggy eyes of mine), a little notebook to get the million and one useless thoughts in my head written down somewhere, and a good book. What are your handbag essentials; anti-bag gel, emergency cookies, a forgotten banana?

Tell me all.

Post in collaboration with my favourite people over at Wallis