Thursday, October 20, 2016

All Saints A/W

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Coming back from Bali to this weather has not been fun, I'll tell you that. When did it get so friggin' cold? I had to wear a hat for the short walk to Tesco last night and almost threw it on the ground in a tantrum. Bring back the sun (or mildly warm Scottish weather) I say. Anyway, one thing that has made the transition a little easier are these pieces from All Saints that were very kindly waiting to greet me when I got home. The shearling, the suede, the muted tones... it was almost too much beauty to handle. Really, though, they're wonderful ain't they? I own a good few All Saints jackets now - both bikers and tailored coats - and, I have to say, they're just my favourite things in the world. There ain't no fit like an All Saints fit. I went for a suede biker this time, as I always, always go for leather, in a grey colour and it's just beautiful. It's a good colour for A/W too as it goes with that nice warm, rusty palette that always comes in. Plus it also goes well with black and white, and we all know how much I like that combo. The bag, however, is the first ever bag I've owned from them. The verdict? A real 10/10. I do love me a little cross-body bag, but the fact that this one is in shearling and suede and comes complete with little tassel puts it in the category of dream bag. 

I popped it on with one of my favouruite Revolve maxis (have you seen this one on here before? Maybe not) and a new pair of boots from my favourite, favourite shoe people in the world. You got it; Senso. Been a while since I've gushed about them hasn't it? Well don't you worry, now A/W's coming in you can expect plenty more where that came from.