Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stop, Layer Time


Ello ello ello. How's it going? Today's post is all about layering because, sadly, Winter is coming. That's what Jon Snow told me, anyway. Winter's been threatening to come in Scotland for a long time to be honest, but I finally had to admit defeat and put my heating on the other night so I'd say now is the appropriate time to be popping this post up. 

P9233616 The Little Magpie Missguided Layering P9233610 P9233596 The Little Magpie Missguided Layering 1 P9233588 P9233659

Missguided's been one of my go-to's for ages now, their stuff's ridiculously well priced for what it is and very, very sassy. I was trying to think of a slightly different way to layer for winter rather than the usual top plus jumper (plus jumper again for me) plus jacket, so went for a shirt-bomber combo. When it's still relatively mild, keep that bad boy tied round your waist - can also be used to keep a food belly in place - and then when it gets a little chillier, pop it on underneath the jacket for an added layer. I went for this amazing pink bomber, because I really love a good bomber if you hadn't noticed, but hadn't seen one in this colour before and a slightly oversized shirt. The bomber, in case you hadn't noticed from my very loud capitals above, is now almost half price in the sale! What a rush. The boots, oh the boots, are maybe my favourite thing. Popped on over some leather look Sandy-from-Grease jeans, they sit nice and tight on the leg  - so that's a nice little leg layer added; take that, Winter - and are surprisingly comfortable, even on my hobbit feet. Plus, they're very, very similar to a very expensive pair I already own. Good news for you, bad news for me. Lastly, I finished it off with this little Chloe-esque bag which I do believe is an absolute dream. I'll double check for you but I'm very sure it's only £22? Thank the Lord for Missguided.

Anyway, what about you guys? What's your favourite ways to layer? Me and my cold body want your tips.

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