Saturday, September 24, 2016


The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt bP9171103 P9171311 The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt
BRAND ATTIC x THE LITTLE MAGPIE t-shirt | GAP checked shirt | ALL SAINTS fedora | DOROTHY PERKINS leather look jeans | ASOS boots | ACCESSORIZE bag

I only went and designed my own t-shirt didn't I! I had an exciting day of designing down at the Brand Attic HQ last month along with a bunch of other lovely bloggers and have been eagerly waiting for it to be put into production ever since and, well, here it is! I went for a very simple design because, you know me, I'm a simple guy. After toying with the idea of doing a 'bears, beets, battlestar galactica' design, I ended up going for a very simple bison head in black and white (AKA my favourite 'colours'). It wasn't all smooth sailing though, I haven't drawn in years and was out of practise, so my poor bison's nose originally ended up looking very much like a vagina. The trials and tribulations of being a designer, eh.

Anyway, the BA team sassed it all up for me and put it together and it is now live and for sale over on the site! It's price at £18 which, although I am biased (bisoned?), I genuinely think is really well priced. It's great quality, very soft and hangs nicely, and, well, the design is absolutely GREAT. Just kidding about the last part. I tied mine up because I have a mild crop top obsession, but it's actually quite long, so I've taken a photo below to show you the real length. The sleeves sit just kind of mid-upper arm too, I rolled mine up because that's how I... roll.

The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt

Anyway, I very much hope you like it? Am I excited to have my own t-shirt in production...?

The Little Magpie Brand Attic T Shirt

... Not very.


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The Gold Lipstick said...

I love your hair color so much!

Mireia from TGL

B Ramida said...


Camille said...

This is so cool

Georgia Megan said...

What am amazing opportunity, I love the shirt! I thought is was a genuine crop top when I first saw it until I realised you had rolled it up! I love it x

|Georgia Megan|

Caroline said...

Haha! Love this! I think you did a fab job at drawing! it's definitely my fav out of the collection. :)


Sara Nena said...


Dana Nicola said...

such a cool thing! love the design x

Dana x | bloglovin'

Louise Francesca said...

Love the design! X

The Fashion
Instagram @louisefrancescaa

Fowzia Madar said...

I love this outfit! the top is so beautiful,



Frock Me I'm Famous said...

LOVE this tee you absolute cutie - what a steal at £18! Also how AMAZING are your nails?!?!

Hayley xo

Alfaj Ripon said...

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