Sunday, July 31, 2016

4 Of The Best Hollister Tops Right Now

The Little Magpie Hollister Top 1 The Little Magpie Hollister Top 2 The Little Magpie Hollister Top 10 The Little Magpie Hollister Top 4 The Little Magpie Hollister Top 7

Hello hello helllo, and happy Sunday! Today's post is something a little different, it's not one of my usual '3 ways to wear', but instead a round up of my favourite tees that the vunderbar Hollister has to offer right now. Although, I guess you could see that as four ways to wear this pair of jeans, couldn't you? Four very similar ways, but four ways nonetheless. I love a good graphic tee - as long as it's not too corny - and when I was browsing the site last week realised that it was graphic tee heaven. It's filled to the brim withh them! So below are my three favourite graphic/logo tees (I actually have four - so greedy I know - but I'll be sharing that fourth one with you over on my Instagram later on today) and above is something a little different. The above one caught my eye amongst the sea of printed tees and I added it to my bag before I even really knew what was happening. I really like lace-up tops - mainly for the Puss In Boots factor - and I love that this one's a body because it saves it riding up as you walk or sit down, which tight tops tend to do, being the cheeky monkeys they are.

The bag is from my favourite ever, and that's Baia. I'm sure you've heard me talking about them before a million times over, but Susy surprises me every time with how crafty a craftsman she is. Mine is custom made, so I went for a big slouchy shape in grey suede with a beautiful silver Chloe-esque fastening. Beautiful, innit? And so good for stroking. 

Anyway, behold the rest of my favourite Hollister tops:

The Little Magpie Hollister Top 15

I love a good muscle tee (regardless of the fact I have zero muscle) and this one's a great chuck-on tee, plus it brings a little bit of sunshine into my dark wardrobe.


It had me at pizza. Hands down the comfiest tee in the world.

The Little Magpie Hollister Top 22 The Little Magpie Hollister Top 17 The Little Magpie Hollister Top 21

This one's possibly my favourite of the lot, it's so cute it makes my heart hurt a little.

And finally, here's a little round-up of my top picks on site now! Let me know in the comments below which your favourite is, just try not make the other tops feel bad in the process.