Wednesday, July 27, 2016

3 Changes For a Happier Lifestyle

The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 6
Hello muffins.. hows it going? Today's post is one that I'm pretty excited about, and is inspired by Clinique and their new difference maker campaign. The whole campaign is centered around the idea that small changes can have a big impact in both a woman's life and their skincare routine. Now, I am TERRIBLE for actively making little changes to make my life happier/easier - despite being shamelessly good at complaining about it - so, as soon as I heard about this one, my tickle was instantly pickled.

The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 4
The first change I made was, of course, skincare related. Clinique's a brand I hadn't had much experience of in the past but I was totally sold after only a couple of uses. It's a three-part routine; cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, which I absolutely love because it makes me feel like a real, functioning adult. Firstly, one will need to find out which products are right for one's skin type, which you can do here (I'm skincare type 2: Dry Combination FYI). Step numbero uno is the liquid face soap, which is just an all round lovely product to use. It cleans your skin thoroughly without leaving it dry or tight and comes complete with sassy little pump mechanism. The next step is my favourite, the clarifying lotion. It's a very gentle exfoliating lotion which works to de-flake your skin (sexy) and leave it nice and smooth before moisturising. Simply pop a little bit on your cotton pad and sweep it over your skin and hey presto! Your skin feels all lovely and tingly after you use it and very, very thoroughly cleaned. I should add that both of these steps, whilst giving a good clean, are extremely quick; it's all over and done with before you know it, which is perfect for an impatient little bee like myself.

The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 12 The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 5 The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 9 The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 1
Last but not least, ze moisturiser. It's a really lovely moisturiser and you don't need a lot of it either. It doesn't leave skin oily but does leave it well moisturised, hydrated and soft - which you know I like longtime. And there we have it! A skincare routine I can absolutely get behind.

So, the next little change I made was exercise. I use this term very loosely. I got really into the gym last year, going three or so times a week - I know, I don't know who I was either - but then I kind of fell out of it and it got to the point where I hadn't really done any exercise bar walk in the space of three months. And by walk I mean walk to the shops to buy chocolate and Chinese. Being the typical girl I am though, I was still moaning about my weight at least five times an hour and wondering why my jeans were starting to stop all blood flow to my legs. So, I've been slowly easing myself back into it, starting with one or two metafit classes a week. For half an hour sessions they really are absolute killers, I was having to lower myself onto the toilet using my bath for days after the first one because I couldn't feel my legs. However, they do work (evidently) and it's been helping me mentally, too, that little bit of exercise. I still do love a good bit of chocolate but, y'know, baby steps.

SO, someone has quite rightly pointed out that weight loss does not necessarily equal healthiness so I just wanted to loop back and touch on this in case I gave off the wrong impression. What I meant was that what finally kicked my butt into gear was wanting to lose a bit of weight (and have my jeans not hurt my ovaries anymore), not that skinniness equates to healthiness.  When it comes to exercise it is, indeed, things like an increase in fitness and strength and endorphin release that help both physical and mental health, which in turn lead to a healthier lifestyle, not at all what size you are. Getting a little trimmer and toning up was just my personal reason for getting started back on the exercise wagon. I hope that clears that up and I do apologise for not being clear enough on that initially!

The Little Magpie Three Step Skin Routine 11
Last but not least, READING. NERDING OUT. HUZZAH! Reading's always been one of my favourite things in the world and I'd made absolutely no effort to do it recently. I'm forever saying I don't have the time, but then I'll sit on my phone and waste half an hour, so I made a conscious effort to put my phone down and pick up a big papery bit of goodness instead and, I have to say, I feel wonderful for it. A couple of months ago I put in a larger than expected order on Amazon and added twelve new books to my life. Reading's one of the only thing that I can get lost in (my head's a horrible, fast-paced 5000 thought-an-hour place) so it's been great to switch off for a little. Here's a couple of the best ones I've discovered recently (it's not pictured but We're All Damaged had me doing really big belly laughs on public transport, buy it and don't say I didn't warn you). I'm sure you've all heard of the tearjerker that is Me Before You but, if you haven't read it already then you absolutely need to! I cried like a child - open-mouthed, very attractive - for a good half an hour and then had to take a shower to calm myself down. Another amazing one from Jojo Moyes' is Last Letter From Your Lover, which is another weepy one (again, embarassing incident on public transport situation) but in a lovely, uplifting way. Oh, god, I want to cry just thinking about it. If anyone has any good book recommendations then please, please let me know in the comments below! I seem to be getting through my 12 at a surprisingly rapid rate. 

And there we have it, my simple steps to a better state of wellbeing (could be the ponciest thing I've ever said but I don't care). I hope you likey!


Clinique’s 3-step system – can 1 change make a difference? Yes. See for yourself and pop into your nearest Clinique Counter: #DifferenceMaker


Anonymous said...

You are so right !

Katie said...

Amy you look like such a queen in these snaps, as always. :)

Katie // Words by Katie

Anonymous said...

Was such a truthful post, all three things are so good for a better lifestyle! I'm definitely going to try and read a lot more and do what you said, force myself to put my phone down more often. Love reading but just never end up doing it.
Great post Amy!

Jessica Grace

Kate said...

It's the small changes that give the big results. Thank God for shows like Ninja Warrior, that encourage us to work out more.

Ashley Christabelle said...

I just started working out after a month break and I'm feeling great! And yes, reading definitely changes your life for the better. x

Anonymous said...

Of all the reasons exercise can help with a healthier lifestyle (mental health, fresh air, sunlight, endorphins, raised heart rate, movement in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, *fun*), weight loss is not one of them. You can be healthy at all sizes, and you can be unhealthy while being skinny. Sad to see those two conflated here.

Luxrose said...

I definitely need to make more time for reading, I always pick up my phone instead! I would highly recommend the Robert Glabraith (aka J.K Rowling) series they are incredible!

lily kate said...

My mum's used Clinique skincare for years so I've always loved it! The moisturiser is the absolute best.
100% agreed about metafit being a killer. I hate it and love it so much at the same time. It's torture, but so worth it for a quick workout!
lily kate x

JaynieShannonx said...

I did the exact same thing in regards to the Gym. It doesn't help that my gym is a half an hour walk and full of 'roid head' males. Definitely need to find another one.

I'm going to try the Clinique skincare when I've been paid. I really need something to save my dry skin and my mum used to always use this brand and swear by it!

Jaynie Shannon * / Morphe & Zoeva Giveaway Running


Unknown said...

A great post. Thank you for the book recommendations, I loved Me before You, I Let You Go and The Husband's Secret, so I'll be trying out some of these!


the gold lipstick said...

I love Clinique products too!

Mireia from TGL

The Style Rawr said...

Before I got hitched I was heading to the gym 4 times a week and spent all my money on skincare (including Clinique). I went back to the gym for the first time in about 2 months and it was TOUGH. It's a great way to unwind! I love reading too - it's just all about finding the time.

T x

georgie philippa said...

I know I say this at least 3 times a day but your blog is just GOALS. I loveee the positive vibez of this post and it's actually the kick up the arse I needed to get back into my gym routine. You look so unreal in that top by the way!

she dreams

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I love Clinique products too...

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Janaki said...

Hi Amy, liked your blog and photo diary of Gothenberg. I live in this beautiful city, as my husband works as expat here. I love reading, music and travel. My favorites are Silas Marner, You can heal your life, A Christmas Carol, Uncle Tom's Cabin. (when it comes to books, I can't stop). Have a great time.

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