Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wallis Petite

The Little Magpie Wallis Petite Jumpsuit The Little Magpie Wallis Petite Jumpsuit 8 The Little Magpie Wallis Petite Jumpsuit 2 The Little Magpie Wallis Petite Jumpsuit 16 The Little Magpie Wallis Petite Jumpsuit 12 The Little Magpie Wallis Petite Jumpsuit 6
WALLIS cropped leg jumpsuit | ASOS lace-up platforms | PINKO suede jacket | ASPINAL OF LONDON Marylebone bag

Well, hi! Hows it going? Today's post is another exciting one for you fellow small people (I hope it'll be exciting for non-petite people too but, please, let us have our moment to shine). That's right, it's another ruddy lovely petite piece from the Wallis short people collection*. You might remember my very white last post, and today's post just so happens to have gone down the opposite, very black road. The jumpsuit's actually been one of the most useful additions to my wardrobe in a good while - I don't need to tell you again how much I love easy-to-wear clothes (ok, I love them), but this jumpsuit has achieved that magical balance where it's both comfy and tailored. Plus it's made of he best material that hangs just right and doesn't crush any way; You could pull it off your floordrobe to wear the morning after and no one would know. I mean, I wouldn't, I'm just saying you could. They've got a whole sassy petite collection going on at the moment, so make sure and give that a little browse if you're a fellow munchkin who's on the lookout for food!

So there we have it! I'm still in America (I have one day left and I want to cry), but you can still keep up with what I'm up to on Snapchat and Instagram. And, I think I might have mentioned, I finally got snapchat!!!! You can find me at 'thelittlemagpie'.


*Not the official name


Ashley Christabelle said...

YESS! So great to know that more stores are doing petite sections. I'm a happy gal right now! x

claudia said...

Love this all black outfit! The sandals are gorgeous!

Holl JC said...

So chic Amy, you look incredible girl! x

Anonymous said...

Very nice outfit

Cate // said...

so pretty...just wish it had longer trousers!! love the shoes as well<3

xx from Brighton
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Fowzia Madar said...

Wow I love this outfit! so classy,



Just Abigail said...

Love this outfit and your style!

dreamofadventures said...

Great jumpsuit! It suits you so well =o)

Aditi said...

all black > everything else
plus those shades are so gorgeous on you, HOW can you pull off everything *sulks*

I blog over at Life as Aditi, if you'd like to check it out, have a nice day! x

Carey said...

Love this! I'm also quite petite so this is great!

xo, Carey

Unknown said...

Looove this jumpsuit! The wrap detail is such a nice touch x

Jessica Wilson said...

Super sassy as per!! Can't beat a jumpsuit that makes you feel like you're still in your PJ's but is actually acceptable to wear outside! xo

Jess, hi

Unknown said...

Lovely jumpsuit!

Isabelle xx said...

Cute jumpsuit - just need it in tall people too!!!

Isabelle xoxo