Thursday, April 28, 2016

For those the height of Stuart Little

The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers 2 The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers 7 Wallis Petite Range the little magpie The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers 5

Hello there! Today's outfit I'm very excited about because I'm wearing trousers that - wait for it - I didn't have to roll up OR get altered OR hack at with scissors. This literally never happens, so if anyone wants to make a banner or something I'm totally ok with it. They're from the lovely Wallis' petite range which has honestly been an absolute life saver. Ok, life saver's an exaggeration but you know what I mean. I've been searching for a pair of cream wide leg trousers for a long time, so that I could finally embrace my inner Miami Vice (next on my list is that badass suit on the right), but they're just so hard to come across when you're a five foot giant. So, as you can imagine, these were a real dream find. The fit's really flattering too and, dare I say it, they actually almost lengthen my stunted legs. I paired them with a little off the shoulder top to dress it up a bit - it'll be all all white on the night (sorry) - and my trusty old platforms. A simple outfit but one I'm keeping in mind for summer parties and bbq's ahead. That is, when the weather finally realises it's supposed to be getting warm right about now. 

Over and out chickaroos!


- Post in collaboration with the lovely Wallis and their petite life-savers -