Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Hair! Ishoka Aberdeen Review

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I gots me some new hair! I've been wanting to go lighter for a little while, so I popped into the lovely Ishoka in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago to get the deed done. It was my first time in there and it's SO bladdy good; it's all done up for Christmas right now so I was in my (polar bear) element. It's a really beautiful salon all round in fact, from the huge big fireplace to the million and one products lining the walls. 

I had the lovely Gareth doing my hair, who I couldn't recommend more. He spent ages talking me though what I wanted to make sure we were on the same page and settled on a few different shades of blonde to give my hair a lift without being to summery. Overall, it's the happiest I've been with my hair in ages and the actual cut is the best I can remember having. Gareth's technique was verrrry different in comparison to cuts I've had before but it worked a dream, my hair's been bouncing abut like something out of a L'Oreal commercial ever since. I either wear my hair centre parted or flipped to one side - such a fickle bunny - so I've included a photo of each to show you the cut, sits well either way huh? A right top notch job. So, absolutely, if you're looking for somewhere new to get your hair done then I couldn't recommend Ishoka more! I obviously had most of my experience with Gareth but everyone else seemed absolutely lovely. They offer styling services as well so, if you're after a fancy 'do for New Year then it's something to keep in mind.