Sunday, December 20, 2015

Furry Bear Hits London

Amy Brewer St - Amber-Rose Photography 13 The Little Magpie River Island Fur Jacket Amy Brewer St - Amber-Rose Photography 12 Amy Brewer St - Amber-Rose Photography 7 Amy Brewer St - Amber-Rose Photography 14 Amy Brewer St - Amber-Rose Photography 10
RIVER ISLAND faux fur jacket & grey fedora | HUSH grey scarf | H&M leather trousers (similar) | RAY BAN round glasses | JAEGER cross body bag (now 50% off in the sale) | SENSO glitter ankle boots

Myself and my little Amby quickly snapped these on the way back from a birthday lunch in London and they've turned out to be some of my favourite snaps we've done yet*. And that's only partly because they have sun in them and I'd kind of forgotten what that looks like. I think you've all seen this coat before - especially if you follow me over on Instagram - it's basically been glued to my back since I got it. My little Winter saviour, I've deemed it. I paired it with my age old fedora (it's catching up on me in the age stakes) and hush scarf to battle the cold and, by the time I'd added my favourite Jaeger bag into the mix, we had a surprisingly colour co-ordinated outfit (for me) on our hands. What lark!

In other words, I've been a horrible person and left almost all my Christmas shopping until last minute - it doesn't help that I ate 85% of the food-based gifts I bought either - so I've got that to look forward to this week. I think I need to get my some elbow pads..


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* I say that every time, don't I..