Thursday, May 28, 2015

Off to London!

#asseenonme 5
Bonjour, hello, aloha, etcetc. Happy Thursday! As we speak I'll be on a plane to London town (my 10th flight in 10 days, my nerves can't handle much more) for a morning with Swimwear65 and The Skinny Bitch Collective! I've been shit at going to the gym recently so my stamina is at an all time low; put it this way, Brucie from Matilda could easily outlap me. I do have a little something scheduled for when I'm away - spoiler: it's Part II of my festival collaboration with Urban Outfitters - and you can keep up with what we get up to over on my Instagram or Twitter.

Ciao ciao for now muthatruckaass.

...that sounded cooler in my head.



Unknown said...

Have fun in the big city!

Anika |

Tessa said...

Hope you have the best time in London, it sounds like you've got a lot of fun things lined up!

Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

Colleen said...

10 flights in 10 days?! I couldn't even. Have so much fun!


Unknown said...

All sounds fun!!

Pritesh Vegad said...

Beatiful outfit, I love your blog. It has a real vintage feel about it especially the jewellery - I'm a huge fan of vintage jewellery so I tend to really scour the Internet for posts like this for styling inspiration

Violet Roots said...

Haha I thought it was pretty funny. Have a safe flight and looking forward to the next UO look!


Mariel Parton said...

you look so lovely Amy, can't wait to see your 2nd festival look <3

QueenLina said...

so pretty :*

Alana Says... said...

Have an amazing time xx

Alana Says…// and lifestyle blog

AVY said...

I love flying, but that sounds like a lot.


The Style Rawr said...

Have fuunnnnn! AS IF you need to worry about your diet, your figure always looks smokin'.

Tara x

WillowTea said...

Enjoy London town!

Unknown said...

Stunnnnning selfie, and looking forward to your posts!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

robin sue said...

cool, have fun!
i love this picture of you. i was wondering where your necklace(s) are from? xo!

Impressive said...

I like the necklace.

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