Thursday, May 28, 2015

Off to London!

#asseenonme 5
Bonjour, hello, aloha, etcetc. Happy Thursday! As we speak I'll be on a plane to London town (my 10th flight in 10 days, my nerves can't handle much more) for a morning with Swimwear65 and The Skinny Bitch Collective! I've been shit at going to the gym recently so my stamina is at an all time low; put it this way, Brucie from Matilda could easily outlap me. I do have a little something scheduled for when I'm away - spoiler: it's Part II of my festival collaboration with Urban Outfitters - and you can keep up with what we get up to over on my Instagram or Twitter.

Ciao ciao for now muthatruckaass.

...that sounded cooler in my head.