Monday, May 25, 2015

How to get Kim Kardashian's Ass in 1 Easy Step

Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 6 Missguided bodycon pencil skirt the little magpie Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 10 Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 4 Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 2 Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 12

Well hey, strangers! Or really, I'm the stranger here... I was a bit rubbish at uploading when I was in Greece wasn't I? The two weeks leading up to it were manic with soon-to-come collaborations and then in Greece we were literally busy 24/7 - blog posts coming next week for anyone who's wondering - so, in short, I was a bit shit. But here I am, back with something I thought I wasn't into any more; the co-ord! I was absolutely obsessed with them last year and then kind of slowly drifted away, but when I spotted these two bits on Missguided's new-in my love was re-ignited. They're not technically a set (don't tell anyone) but, I have to say, I think they match pretty well. I'm such a paradox - sometimes I want to dress like Keith Richards and sometimes all I want in life is to be Sofia Vergara... literally one end of the spectrum to the other there. I was originally supposed to be part of a girl-boy twinset (but, like Dwight Schrute, I ate my twin pretty early on in the womb) so I always joke to my Mum that that's why I swing between wanting to be a boy and a girl.

Well, things got quite dark quite quickly there, didn't they? But yes, as we can see, this was more of a Sofia Vergara day and so I popped on what I have now deemed, 'The Skirt That Gives you Kim Kardashian's Arse' - not that I'm saying mine is anywhere near that magnificent, but I swear ruching is a girl's best friend - and little matching top. Missguided's New-In is, as always, freakin' amazing; I've done the maths and this two-piece comes to a grand total of £30 (I didn't say it was hard maths). Madness, eh? I've popped together a few of my favourite bits from the site below which you can click on to be taken straight to, or you can browse the whole new-in selection instead if you so wish.

OH lastly - and whilst we're still on the subject of Kimmy K - how incredible is this white lace bodycon dress? Hands down one of my favourite things on site right now.

Happy bank holiday!


- Post in collaboration with Missguided; all opinions, product choices & comments on Kim Kardashian's behind are my own -


Tusks and Tails said...

Sexxy! Ive been searching for these sunnies and they are gone here!

THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Great trick to getting a bigger bum!!

|| D I A N A ||

elzha said...

this is gorgeous - such an amazing outfit !

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

thefashion-junkie said...

I love the ruching detail on this as well as the colour :) X


Unknown said...

Will my body as well as my arse look like that? *puts in basket pronto*

Dressed With Soul said...

Thanks for the tip - now I'm only a bit sceptic if my ass would look like yours in this kind of skirt :)
xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

Geena said...

This colour really suits you! I find Missguided to be a bit hit and miss but when it comes to outfits like this they really know what they're doing.

Unknown said...

Absolutely love the skirt! Definitely adding it to my wishlist :)

Unknown said...

Outfit looks amazing on you and the sun glasses are so gorgeous!

Love love love!

Tarnya //

Unknown said...

Damn girl I need to get me some ruched skirts, you look incredible Amy!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

KatieLovess said...

Oh wow you look seriously amazing.

Katie Loves ~ A Fashion & Beauty Blog.

Follow on Bloglovin' ~ 'Katie Loves'

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous! She's totally trademarked the tight midi skirts though hasn't she!
Made In The 1990's.

alice said...

That co-ord looks absolutely amazing on you, I love the colour!

The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

claudia said...

Looking stunning! Love the pencil skirt!

Unknown said...

You look amazing!

How to combine CULOTTES

Unknown said...

I love the sunglasses they are so pretty and simple. The skirt looks beautiful and great for an evening out in the Summer. I might have to purchase the whole outfit.

Beth x

The Dame Intl said...

It does help that you have an ass to die for tho :p

Emmajane. said...

Love the mix in textures! Such a cute look! I can definitely see the Kim k in this look! X

Cara Delevinge inspired look over at-

Unknown said...

You look stunning Amy, love this look! Those sunglasses are so cute! xx

Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

The Style Rawr said...

You have such a dreamy figure, Sofia Vergara is an absolute vixen - I can't believe she's 42! Love the little rouching detail on the skirt. ♥

Tara x

Colleen said...

va va voom! it's like jessica rabbit 2015


Unknown said...

This is a really gorgeous colour on you Amy, looks lovely next to your hair! I adore the detail on the back of the skirt, may have to take a lil trip to Missguided myself...I have similar measurements to Kim (though nowhere near as toned) so hopefully it'd work for me too! xx 👌😙

Lucy said...

Sofia Richards/Keith Vergara - it's doable, definitely doable, I'm sure.... ha! Girl, you look RIDICULOUSLY amazing. Please don't give me false hope because if I get that skirt and it ain't a 'Get Kim Kardashian's arse' situation, I'm just gonna blame you because your figure is already insane. OK?
Can't wait to see some Greece posts! I totally started cursing my boyfriend each time a new batch of photos would pop up on Instagram, because he decided to go to Greece with his family this year, and not me, despite my endless begging for months. ONE DAY!

She's So Lucy

QueenLina said...

nice shoes :*

Mariel Parton said...

you look beyond amazing Amy, wow...those pieces do actually look like they belong to each other, I didn't even think they didn't until you mentioned just look so fab <3

Lauren said...

Love the outfit!

Sian said...

omg i think i just died laughing a you eating your twin, sorry about that. also, dang you look great.

Unknown said...

I so want your outfit! And sunnies!

Anonymous said...

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