Monday, May 25, 2015

How to get Kim Kardashian's Ass in 1 Easy Step

Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 6 Missguided bodycon pencil skirt the little magpie Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 10 Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 4 Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 2 Missguided pink two piece the little magpie 12

Well hey, strangers! Or really, I'm the stranger here... I was a bit rubbish at uploading when I was in Greece wasn't I? The two weeks leading up to it were manic with soon-to-come collaborations and then in Greece we were literally busy 24/7 - blog posts coming next week for anyone who's wondering - so, in short, I was a bit shit. But here I am, back with something I thought I wasn't into any more; the co-ord! I was absolutely obsessed with them last year and then kind of slowly drifted away, but when I spotted these two bits on Missguided's new-in my love was re-ignited. They're not technically a set (don't tell anyone) but, I have to say, I think they match pretty well. I'm such a paradox - sometimes I want to dress like Keith Richards and sometimes all I want in life is to be Sofia Vergara... literally one end of the spectrum to the other there. I was originally supposed to be part of a girl-boy twinset (but, like Dwight Schrute, I ate my twin pretty early on in the womb) so I always joke to my Mum that that's why I swing between wanting to be a boy and a girl.

Well, things got quite dark quite quickly there, didn't they? But yes, as we can see, this was more of a Sofia Vergara day and so I popped on what I have now deemed, 'The Skirt That Gives you Kim Kardashian's Arse' - not that I'm saying mine is anywhere near that magnificent, but I swear ruching is a girl's best friend - and little matching top. Missguided's New-In is, as always, freakin' amazing; I've done the maths and this two-piece comes to a grand total of £30 (I didn't say it was hard maths). Madness, eh? I've popped together a few of my favourite bits from the site below which you can click on to be taken straight to, or you can browse the whole new-in selection instead if you so wish.

OH lastly - and whilst we're still on the subject of Kimmy K - how incredible is this white lace bodycon dress? Hands down one of my favourite things on site right now.

Happy bank holiday!


- Post in collaboration with Missguided; all opinions, product choices & comments on Kim Kardashian's behind are my own -