Monday, February 9, 2015

The Walking Petting Zoo

Dahlia cream bell sleeved blouse Dahlia cream bell sleeved blouse 2 Dahlia cream bell sleeved blouse 7 Dahlia cream bell sleeved blouse  6 Dahlia cream bell sleeved blouse 9

Well, hey there! I'm back from an Edinburgh with a full belly and a good old fashioned outfit post. Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to recommend your favourite food and drink stops; we managed to eat many a delicious a meal based on them. Which also means that you, and you only, are accountable for my pot belly. I'm actually going to put together a little Edinburgh Food Guide in the next couple of weeks, so here's hoping there's actually some food I managed to actually stop and photograph before digging in.

So, this is what I wore on our first day there. I did actually have a coat on as well but it was suspiciously sunny so I managed a whole length of the Royal Mile sans coat. What LARK! This Dahlia blouse has been one of my favourite - or maybe my very favourite - clothing finds this year. A bell sleeve blouse is something I've been hunting around for for a long time so this was like a gift from above when I spied it on the site. They can do no wrong, they really can't. I popped it on under my new dungarees (which got the thumbs up from Rob, surprisingly) and finished it off with my trusty Baia bag. I really wanted to wear my leopard boots with the dungarees but I sensed I could potentially end up looking like a walking petting zoo and reached for my black ponyskin's instead. Which still make me look like a petting zoo, yes, but a more subtle one.