Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Monday Chungspiration

Queen Chung really is a source of endless inspiration for me; I can spend hours browsing her outfits on google, pinterest, Tumblr etc (can I get a restraining order for saying something like that? If so then only kidding). In all seriousness though, the inspiration folder in my laptop is 90% Chung so I thought I'd share my favourite looks with you and give you the gift of inspiration. With a side order of envy. Sorry. I've also scoured the land of the Interweb to find the best lookalike pieces so that you can shop each of Alexa's looks - just click on the little icons to be taken straight to the item. Enjoy!

tumblr_static_-1 Alexa Chung white shirt

Shop the look:

fe31adb43418d8625b899c6867bb6fd2 c6bd1ef16dd16e48f93eff4209e3d47d Alexa Chung Topshop unique show leopard skirt
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3a7f07b11e69e2030402de61eb7b3033 469c626696af99b0cec03ef804443769

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Alexa Chung red suit 1347800772-alexa-chung-margaret-howell__large 1414781814244_Image_galleryImage_Alexa_Chung_was_spotted_s

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Alexa Chung tailored jackets

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a7233620702994e4a2062f8d42b51cf2 Alexa Chung hair Inspo

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Alexa-Chung_glamour_7jul14_pa_b_592x888 AN5548171216.AUG.2014---LON

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Alexa Chung photoshoots
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All images sourced via Pinterest and Tumblr


Unknown said...

She always looks so stylish! Really admire her.

Lovely post!

Marli Neves said...

I mean who doesn't get inspired by her?! She's so pretty and she's so stylish!

The Style Rawr said...

I love her sleeves in that first image and her airport style!

Tara x

Unknown said...

Such great images! Very inspirational! I know no one who can work a trench so well.

Miranda xx

Sophia said...

She is the queen of everything. I've never felt more envious of someone than I do right now!

Dressed With Soul said...

I have to admit that I sometimes steal her looks as I like her looks also so much :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Abbie said...

OH MY GOD, she is such a bloody babe <3 xx

Anonymous said...

This girl's style is perfection

AVY said...

God, those legs.


Gemma Talbot said...

She is quite simply amazing. I loved the outfit Alexa wore to the Topshop unique show and she is also the queen of the dungaree dress x

Unknown said...

It is so easy to just spend hours looking at her outfits!

Unknown said...

This is such an amazing post!!!


Holl JC said...

Alexa is just absolute perfection, her outfits and style are always so effortless and flawless x

Paige Rhianne said...

LOVE this post Alexa is a goddess! I loved her holographic coat she wore, only she could pull that off so well.

Petite Pomme said...

Goodness me, I would kill for her legs. And wardrobe.

Petite Pomme

Unknown said...

What fab inspo, thanks for the shopping selection ;)

What to wear this week?
lb-lc fashion blog

Unknown said...

so many of my favs too!
good picks!

THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

I love her style, she is definitely an icon!


Unknown said...

Love it!

Tusks and Tails said...

She is amazing! Ive been on her talk show in NYC she is unreal!

Nikki Williams said...

she is just perfect!

xx nikki

Jeanne said...

She's so cool and gorgeous!

mizzmoi said...

She is just so elegant, ugh definitely jealous!

Enja said...

I just love alexa chung and her style. Thanks for the post. Such a good inspiration :)
Xx Enja

Unknown said...

she has a great sense of style


INSTAGRAM: dominikamr

Janne said...

She's such an inspiration! :)

Unknown said...

Such a perfect post. Absolute genious idea!! Alexa Chung is such a queen x

Unknown said...

Love all of these! She looks incredible in red.

x Sarah

Unknown said...

Love this post! It has made me think I need a serious bit of Alexa Pinterest bingeing! xx

Safiya said...

I dont think there is anyone out there that doesn't love Alexa Chung. She's the perfect mixture of tomboy and girly, ya know?

Cats In Crop Tops

Charlotte said...

the girl of absolute dreaaams. the things i'd do for her wardrobe!

charlotte x

A d e l i n e said...

The outfit with the maxi dress and fur stole is beyond amazing. She always has great shoes, cool taste !

Tonya said...

Omg, she literally can do no wrong. Ugh I'm obsessed! Fashion queen.

Unknown said...

Hope you'll find a compliment that I used both yourslef and Alexa as inspiration in a post together then! xx

Unknown said...

Love this post Amy - all of Alexa's outfits are amaazing. I'd love to see a make up tutorial as you're just so pwetty! xx

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