Sunday, January 18, 2015

A little update

Dahlia velvet peter pan collar dress Dahlia velvet peter pan collar dress 4

Bonjour, hello! So, update: we still don't have internet at the flat and I'm still spending 90% of my time in DIY-appropriate clothes (AKA a tabard formed from an old Spiderman pillowcase. Really) but hopefully the Sky guy's coming on Friday and normal posting/wasting my time on the Internet can resume. 

Now onto the important part: the dress. I've been absolutely bursting to wear it; I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a piece of clothing so quickly after seeing it, my eyes hadn't even focused properly on it and I'd already proclaimed my undying love. It is Dahlia though, AKA the kings of cute, quirky clothes, so I'd expect nothing less. On another note, I hope you guys are still enjoying the indoor snaps as a bit of a change from the norm, it's been quite nice experimenting with them (mainly because I don't have to battle with the snow and ice). Also, thank you so much for your positivo feedback on the interior posts, I'll be going full steam ahead with those from the beginning of next month so keep your eyes peeled!

Well, I'm incredibly ill today - what a week I've had, I know. I'll give you a second to get out your tiny violin. Ok, got it? Let's resume - so I'm spending the evening in bed with Gossip Girl and my furry best friend. Speaking of which, I've popped up a new Favourite Things video this afternoon where you can watch her completely and utterly reject me (0.39). The shame.