Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Swimwear Edit

Honey, I'm hoooome! I had the most amazing time away, and finished it up yesterday with a boat trip to see dolphins and whales (pity the crew kept such a close eye on you or I'd have been right in there). I'll put together a little post soon about the holiday, but for now I thought I'd put together a swimwear edit, because it's one of the things I've been asked about most. I always find swimwear incredibly hard to get right, so I've rounded up my favourites to hopefully help you lucky ducks who've still got a holiday to look forward to. Maybe you could.. take me in your case as a thank you? Whatever, I don't care. Please?
Wildfox tiger print silver bikini
Wildfox silver tiger print bikini

This saucy little number is the most recent bikini I've added to my collection and I absolutely love it, both for the fit and the detailing at the back. It goes a really nice shimmery colour in the sun too, which left me staring at my crotch in awe on many an occasion. Downsides? The cups comes up a bit on the small side so I'd recommend sizing up in the top. You also get some pretty funky tan lines, but they're worth it in my eyes for the sheer beauty of this set.

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Triangl Finn Rockerbird, Winnie and Arizona sunset bikinis

Along with 99% of the Instagram community, I'm a massive fan of Triangl. Their bikinis are so different to everything else out there thanks to the mix of prints, textures and colours they use. I think the Finn Rockerbird is my favourite (you can't tell so well because the photo's black and white, but the top's orange and black mesh and the bottoms are silver - Rob calls them my 'space pants'), but the Arizona Sunset also holds a special place in my heart because it was my first one and because it goes even more neon when it's wet. Downsides? They can get a bit sweaty; scuba material + a beating sun = things getting very intense, especially in the cleavage area.
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Seafolly Bellarose halter bikini

My old faithful, I don't think I'll ever be able to part with this one. I'm wearing the halter version (there's lots of different variations in this print), but I've wrapped the straps around my bosom in an attempt to avoid tan lines. The fit's amazing, as is the support - a good one to wear if you're going to a water-park, or even for a good swim in the pool. Downsides? None. Well, it's faded a little, but that can only be expected when you wear something 56708 times.
Missguided tropical kimono photo (23)
Missguided palm print kimono

This kimono was my little saving grace this holiday. One of my pet hates is having to get dressed every time you want to nip to the pool bar/supermarket etc, especially if you're a bit sweaty, so this was perfect to throw on and it's made of nice, light material too. Even Rob got in on the action (don't click on that link if you have a sensitive stomach). Downsides? It's long, very long. Good for people with cankle issues.

So, there we go - my favourite swimwear picks. I hope this helped some of you and, equally, if you have any favourites of you own you'd like to share, please leave them below!