Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pink Panther suit

Choies pink trouser suit 2 Choies pink trouser suit  6 Choies pink trouser suit 4 Choies pink trouser suit 5

I've added another suit to my collection and this time, surprisingly, it's pink. Not a colour I wear all that often but I figured it'd make a nice change for summer rather than dressing in black all the time. Plus, it's starting to get hotter and I'm really not ok with how much heat black absorbs. I paired it with trainers for quite a casual look but still managed to gather quite a lot of stares. IT'S ONLY A PINK SUIT PEOPLE. That panther had one on all the time and no one batted an eyelid.

My gazelles really are my saving grace; the shoes that go with everything. I've been eyeing up the black ones for ages, so I think I might finally take the plunge this month and add them to my collection. Come. To. Mumma.