Wednesday, June 11, 2014

May Favourites | The Little Magpie


After a brief spell of being M.I.A I'm finally back on ole YouTube, this time with a monthly favourites video. It's my first time doing one of this kind, but I thought it'd be a good way to branch out into areas outside of fashion that I'm interested in. Tea is involved, of course.



KatieLovess said...

LOVE your accent! <3

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Unknown said...


Nikki Williams said...

you are too cute! always love your videos


bijata said...

So adorable! Love your wee videos. Keep 'em coming! Btw, would love if you did a hair tutorial, want to know how you get it so pretty :)

Ashleigh said...

You're just the cutest!!! So happy you're vlogging!

TheNewLifeBeginning said...

Girl, you are so funny! Beautiful too and as per your book choice, smart as well equals perfect ;)

hhh said...

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