Sunday, May 18, 2014

They're ribbed for your pleasure

zara grey pencil skirt Zara grey pencil skirt 7 zara grey pencil skirt 5
Zara grey ribbed pencil skirt (similar) | Topshop crop ribbed tee | Grafea brown leather rucksack | Navy Adidas gazelles | Ray Ban sunglasses

It was relatively warm today (although not as nice as I hear it's been for you lucky sods down in England) so I saw it as a chance to finally take my Zara pencil skirt out for a whirl. It sold out up here before I could buy it and then by a stroke of luck I stumbled across one when me and Rob were down in Stirling at the start of the year, and when I took it up to the till it had been reduced right down to £3.99. Best. Day. Ever. 

Rob's been away down in Glasgow for a massage course since last Sunday and he's finally home tonight so I'm supa excited. I'm going to be extremely selfless and offer myself up as a subject to practise his Swedish massages on. No benefit there for me absolutely, of course.



Lizzy Hadfield said...

Love this outfit!! That skirt looks amazing, what a result!

Molly Cleaver said...
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Molly Cleaver said...

Perfect outfit!

Natasha Hinde said...

Definitely enjoyed the name of this blog post hahaha.

Loving the midi skirt and sneakz combo!

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

awesome look! love the sporty vibe!

Chelsea Jade said...

Love this look, the midi is cute! x

Clémence Flamée said...

Adore this outift! xx

AVY said...

So sexy, perfect figure.


Dilan Dilir said...

sooo beautiful ♥

Abbie said...

£3.99 sayyyy whaaaat! Amazing! Looks beauts as ever Amy xx

Laura said...

You babe! Loving your hair here too, looks so good!


Charlotte Lewis said...

3.99 amazing as is your banging figure and those gazelles xxx

Amy Keeling said...
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Amy Keeling said...

That blog post name Miss Amy!

Gorgeous outfit as always, the skirt is lovely. It's nice to see a Pencil skirt that isn't paired with heels, I like it with trainers a lot! :)

Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Gemma Talbot said...

Your skirt was such a bargain. You look amazing. I love your trainers too x

Patricia G. said...

Love so much the pencil skirt with the sneakers!

Holl JC said...

So dang cool, yet effortless Amy x

The Style Rawr said...

Your figure twinnie! SO JEALZ of you having your own personal masseur. ;)

Tara x

Holly Rose said...

Love this! It really suits you! xx

Nicole Cheah said...

You look absolutely stunning. Your body looks greater than ever! Great look

Daniella C said...


Joanne Kilday said...

Love this outfit! Those ribbed crop tops from topshop are so comfy!I love mine! x

Sophia DeSouza said...

Your hair is brill! Also love the skirt :) xx

Nikki Williams said...

you are SO beautiful! i love that skirt


Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Yvonne Laura said...

THat looks lovely on you!

Leesa H. said...

what a nice skirt!

claudia villanueva said...

Love this sport luxe outfit! The skirt is gorgeous!

Kiran Kang said...

Great outfit <3

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

I wish my boyfriend would go do a massage course! Love the skirt - what a bargain, especially when it's something you've wanted anyway!

Sophie Ruffell said...

Really cute outfit. I want this ribbed crop top.
And what a bargain for the skirt!


Izzy said...

Love it <3

The Quirky Queer

Lauren said...

The pop of colour in the waistband is genius. Love it! x

Kim said...

Gosh your waist is teeny tiny missy! You look amazing :) xx

Sweet Monday

mane untame said...

I love that this silhouette is quite classic but the fabric makes the entire look sporty. So perfectly unexpected but very lovely!


Hannindrome said...

I look at this and all I have going round in my head is 'Kelly, can you handle this? Michelle, can you handle this? Beyoncé, can you handle this? I don't think they can handle this! WOO!'

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