Sunday, May 18, 2014

They're ribbed for your pleasure

zara grey pencil skirt Zara grey pencil skirt 7 zara grey pencil skirt 5
Zara grey ribbed pencil skirt (similar) | Topshop crop ribbed tee | Grafea brown leather rucksack | Navy Adidas gazelles | Ray Ban sunglasses

It was relatively warm today (although not as nice as I hear it's been for you lucky sods down in England) so I saw it as a chance to finally take my Zara pencil skirt out for a whirl. It sold out up here before I could buy it and then by a stroke of luck I stumbled across one when me and Rob were down in Stirling at the start of the year, and when I took it up to the till it had been reduced right down to £3.99. Best. Day. Ever. 

Rob's been away down in Glasgow for a massage course since last Sunday and he's finally home tonight so I'm supa excited. I'm going to be extremely selfless and offer myself up as a subject to practise his Swedish massages on. No benefit there for me absolutely, of course.