Monday, May 19, 2014

Ace & Tate specs

Ace and Tate glasses 2 Ace and Tate glasses
Ace & Tate Baker black frame glasses (c/o)

Ace & Tate kindly sent a pair of their glasses to give a whirl so I thought I'd dedicate a little post to them. I'm blind as a bat - as some of you may know from my tragic tales on Twitter - so I like a pair that I can walk down the street in and actually see who's waving at me but that simultaneously don't make me look like Ugly Betty. I went for the Baker frame because I feel most comfortable in a wayfarer shape, and they turned up at my door within the week complete with their own little case and cloth. They've actually got them in an electric blue colour as well which I'm really tempted to order to but I can't decide if I'd suit them or not. Anyway, there's glasses and sunglasses galore on the website so it's worth a little browse if you're after either!