Sunday, December 1, 2013


missguidedpvcskirtthelittlemagpie2 missguidedpvcskirtthelittlemagpie7 missguidedpvcskirtthelittlemagpie9 missguidedpvcskirtthelittlemagpie1
Pink PVC skirt - c/o Missguided | Abstract heels - Choies | Black crop ribbed jumper - c/o Glamorous | Biker jacket - Oh My Love 

Me and Rob are away in Glasgow for a couple days, so I thought it would only be appropriate to base one of my scheduled posts around what I'll be wearing when we're down there. I'm absolutely crap at dressing for nights out, but when I saw the Topshop pink PVC skirt in store a while back I knew I'd found the answer to my dress-up woes... Until I tried it on that was. It was far too long, sat loosely as the waist and then was tight at the buttock-ios. All in all, a bit of a wrong 'un. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I'm now living the high life with this Missguided dupe that sells at half the price and fits twice as well, so I decided to take it down to Glasgow for a spin. Rob's not so keen on the idea as we have to walk at snail's pace when I'm wearing it, but I'll continue to argue that we can take in more of our surroundings when we're going at that speed. I'm not one to sacrifice my warmth for a night out (hello, Granny), so I'm wearing it with this black Glamorous jumper which - hopefully you can see in the photos - is lovely and fluffy as well as being toasty. And, um, my leather jacket. Who saw that one coming?