Thursday, November 28, 2013

Boys and Girls

frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie10 frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie4 frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie3 frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie5
Pink coat - c/o FrontRowShop | Snood - Primark | Jeans - Miss Selfridge | Doc Martens - Bank
frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie8 frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie9 frontrowshoppinkcoatthelittlemagpie11 Jumper - c/o Burton | Shearling jacket & jeans - Topman

Pink and blue... well, aren't we dressed like your steretypical male and female? It's like we've stepped straight out of a nursery book. 

We actually turned out to be right little bargain hunters - Rob's jumper's now in the sale for £20 and my jacket's now in the sale for £43, so if you fancy either of them as a gift for someone - or as a gift for yourself, we were all thinking it - you can save yourself some pennies. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and nurse my poor heels; I thought I'd broken these badboys in but, after an excruciating two hour-long walk in them, I confirm that that is not in fact the case. Hold me.

Amy x

P.S Rob would like me to inform you all that, what looks like a tiny mouse resting on his upper lip, is actually his attempt at Movember i.e it will be gone this Sunday. I'm all for raising money for charity, but I can safely say I'm looking forward to seeing the back of the little guy.