Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's happening

choiesshearlingjacketthelittlemagpie8 choiesshearlingjacketthelittlemagpie3 choiesshearlingjacketthelittlemagpie7 choiesshearlingjacketthelittlemagpie4
Shearling biker - c/o Choies // Polo neck dress - Miss Selfridge // Fluffy cardigan - c/o Sheinside // Baker boy cap - Ebay 

I layered up like crazy today and it ended up being absolutely boiling - not that I'm complaining but c'maaaan weather, give me a break and stop being so confusing. I wear my best black clothes, ready to mourn the disappearance of the sun, and instead I'm left sweating like a little piglet. 

I found this fluffy cardigan in Topshop last week and thought it looked ridiculously cosy, but £48 seemed a bit steep. Then I found this Sheinside one which, at less than half the price, is a pretty good alternative, and thankfully it's just as fluffy. I've been using it for lounging about the house in - mainly because my cat actually sits on my lap when I'm wearing it - so it was nice for it to finally get some outdoor action.

Amy x