Monday, September 23, 2013

Fluffy fiend

lovepinkfluffyjumperthelittlemagpie2 lovepinkfluffyjumperthelittlemagpie6 lovepinkfluffyjumperthelittlemagpie3 lovepinkfluffyjumperthelittlemagpie1
Fluffy pink jumper - c/o LOVE // Playsuit - Beginning Boutique // Fedora - Topshop // Buckle boots - c/o Missguided

How amazing are these boots?! As you've probably noticed, I wear my Topshop cut out boots all the time, but I think I actually prefer these ones from Missguided. So, yes - basically you'll soon be sick of the sight of these bad boys. 

We've been so lucky again with the weather today, so I'm clinging on to my summer clothes for as long as possible until they have to be hidden away at the back of my wardrobe for another year. However, in saying that, A/W dressing becomes that bit more bearable when there's coats like this on the go. Someone get me an ASOS promo code, stat.

Amy x