Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friendship fun

choieswhitelacedress5linksoflondonfriendshipbracelet2 choieswhitelacedress4 linksoflondonfriendshipbracelet topshopankleboots choieswhitelacedress8 linksoflondonfriendshipbracelet3 Babydoll dress - c/o Choies // Ankle boots - Topshop // Bag - River Island (old) // Bracelet - c/o Links of London // Hat - Topshop (similar here)

You know when you order something online and then spend every day watching your letterbox hoping that it'll pop through? That's how I was with this dress. I was one step away from harassing the postman - "Are you SURE it's definitely not in your bag??" - but I managed to refrain myself, mainly because I don't want a lawsuit on my hands. It finally arrived this weekend so I put it on straight away and oh my I'm in love. My only advice would be to size up, which is what I did and it fits perfectly. Oh, and don't eat chocolate while you're wearing it... the dress is already in the wash, yes. Links of London were kind enough to send me one of their friendship bracelets to try out as well and they're just beautiful, so dainty too. I went for a pastel-y one but they've got lots of different patterns in stock, including some najavo ones that would look amazing for summer. My Mum actually bought one of their friendship bracelets a wee while back so I guess that this means she pretty much has to be my friend now whether she wants to or not. Eh, Mum?..


I also picked up these boots in the Topshop sale a few weeks ago after dilly-dallying for a couple of days and am so glad I did in the end. They're so comfy that my feet practically wept with happiness when I put them on. No blisters this week, guys, we're ok.

Amy x