Monday, May 20, 2013

Emerald City

lavishaliceshirt2 lavishaliceshirt10 lavishaliceshirt lavishaliceshirt6 lavishaliceshirt7
Shirt - c/o Lavish Alice // Dungarees - Vintage // Hat - River Island // Necklace - H&M

How cute is this shirt from Lavish Alice? I'm always moaning that the shirts I own don't have detailed cuffs so I'm so excited to finally own one. I wore it again to lunch with my brother today and kept shoving it in his face and telling him how nice a colour it was which, strangely, I think he got bored of pretty quickly. Emerald's one of my favourite colours so I piled on this necklace from H&M and my Story ring  like some sort of colour co-ordinating maniac. Anyway, enough about me and my emerald fetish, Lavish Alice have just had a massive drop of new stuff and it's pretty amazing if I do say so myself, you can check out the full collection here. 

Now that I'm finished uni I've finally got round to the mammoth task of clearing out my wardrobe so have been adding a few bits and bobs to my blog sale here. There'll be more added over the next couple of days too once I get into the swing of thaaangs.

Amy x