Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Copenhagen Fashion Week

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I ventured out to Copenhagen Fashion last week to meet the Kranz and Ziegler team and to attend their SS13 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. So, prepare yourselves for my (somewhat large) photo diary from my time there...
10 panic attacks later and I was officially on my way (I've said it before and I'll say it again - this is me.)
This is our hotel which I officially deem the nicest place I've ever stayed in - I even had a wet room, ooh-er.
A few snaps from the show. LOOK AT THOSE LIGHTS.
Harbour view from my hotel room. Noice.
Brunch on Thursday morning - my belly had an absolute field day.
During brunch we were shown some different looks that Story jewellery can be incorporated in to, sadly this was the only outfit I managed to get some good photos of.
A few snaps of the beeeautiful range - I'm itching to have a finger party with all those stacking rings.
We had some time to wander between the presentation and our flight so I took it upon myself to act like a shameless tourist.

It was so lovely to get the opportunity to meet the team behind the brand and to get a sense of what they stand for. The Story range began as a simple leather wrap bracelet which fastened with a magnetic closing and has since been expanded to include different styles of bracelets and necklaces. They have a huge variety of charms available which can be added to each piece in order to make it a bit more personal to you. All the materials used are genuine as value for money is a huge concern of theirs and, as I'm now the proud owner of one of their wrap bracelets, I can officially give you my word that they're amazingly made. In the past I wasn't too sure of charm bracelets - a lot of my friends owned them but I always though they were a bit too girly. Since my trip, however, I'm a convert. The Story bracelets are more edgy than your usual charm bracelets, from the leather used to make the main body of the bracelet to the type of charms they stock; you can even get little skull head charms (which will always get a huge thumbs up from me).

Amy x