Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project #3

Woo, I'm so excited to finally share these with you guys! As you know, I was down in London a wee while back shooting the Miss Selfridge Project 3 collection with Stella and Jazmine which was pretty surreal. Here's some of the official photos mixed in with some of Jazmine's photos (I didn't take any myself.. great blogger skills right there). I just want to say a huge thanks to Lisa for inviting me down, and also to Phill and Sophie! Here's a wee bit about the collection:

Miss Selfridge is excited to bring to you Project #3, the third offering from the Project collection created by our talented Assistant Buyers. Influenced by British street style, with a strong nod to blog culture, the girls have created 12 forward fashion pieces for the girl that wants to be noticed.

The collection was born last year from an assignment set by Creative Director Yasmin Yusuf to give the Assistant Buyers a development project that they would work on from start to finish to help broaden and nurture their talent. The team were each tasked to develop a piece that would become a wardrobe must have for our style savvy customer. Their dedication and talent shone through, impressing the senior team so much so they decided to give them their own collection with the aim of creating a new and exciting concept refreshed each season with cool directional product.

Amy x