Friday, August 19, 2011

So, up until now I've naively believed that creating the perfect facebook status was a stressful  task – little did I know that this was a big fish in a small pond compared to writing a first blog post. Anyway, this photo is a quick glimpse of me so... Haiii! Or should I say 'Bonjour' - I have the pleasure of starting my blog in gaye Paris. On that note, I'm off to enjoy a cocktail in the streets of Montmartre (if only I could say my life was always this SATC inspired.. I'm normally just sat in a stinky pub drinking WKD like a 14 year old).

Amy x


katymitten said...

and OH MY GOD I WALKED DOWN THIS SAME BIT. I feel like we are connected now.x

VioletDaffodils said...

Cute first post! I'd love to go back to Paris :)

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