Thursday, April 18, 2019

Outfit shopping for the stressed wedding guest

Oh hello there! Remember how all of 24 hours ago I said I'd put together a post on wedding guest dressing that would be live on Sunday? Well, here it is today for you instead. It was sitting there ready to rumble and I figured the sooner the better with these types of things.

So, this time last week I was sitting in a pile of 9 dresses (thank god for Klarna, that's all I'm saying) considering going foetal because none of them were right. The fact that I might be being dramatic didn't come into my head, no. There are so many rules to wedding guest dressing that I'm always terrified of getting wrong; 'might this pale blue dress look white in photos?', 'might this one be showing a little TOO much knee?', 'is my boob going to pop out during some over-enthusiastic dancing to Proud Mary in that one?' (that last one genuinely happened) and so I got myself in a real tizz. It did mean, however, that I did a very extensive online browse and so have a multitude of outfits ready to share with you today. 

I tried to cover all types of weddings - countryside, church, romantic Italian manors, beach weddings - and I also threw a couple of other nice dresses and suits in there for those of you that might have galas/engagement dinners/cats birthday parties coming up that you're struggling to find something for. There is a LOT in there (don't try to guess the amount of screen time I put in trying to find a dress please) and all at different prices too. I did put in a handful of very expensive ones that you'd have to remortgage a house to buy, but sometimes it's just nice to look at them (as the tears roll silently down your face). Oh, and if you're wondering what dress I ended up with in the end, it was this Self Portrait one here!

Happy browsing! I suggest having some chocolate, a gin and at least five happy thoughts set aside for the trying on process.