Thursday, November 22, 2018



Hey frens! I wasn't sure whether to do a Black Friday/Cyber Week round up or not but then I thought, 'feck it! If I help one person find a Christmas gift or a party outfit then I'm happy'. Or did I think, 'if I put together a guide then I get to browse through all the sites and look at pretty things whilst justifying it as being work'... hard to say. I started with Topshop because theirs is quite glorious with up to 50% off everything. Music to the ole ears, huh? I did go.. a little mental (I did also have a gift card so bear with me) and picked up these brown croc boots (which look like the Ganni ones but at a friendlier price), the feather detail suit (for a Christmas party and I friggin LOVE it - the fit is glorious), the big blue fur jacket (which is absolutely crazy and I look like baby Snoop Dog but that's fine) and the red cord jacket (which I wasn't actually sure about off but on it's huge and cosy and a little bit different to anything else I own...I've justified my rash purchases entirely as you can see). So there we go! You can check out absolutely everything that's in the sale here.


So you may notice for ASOS that there are quiiiite a few picks in there. Why? Because ASOS have 20% off EVERYTHING. Rejoice! Just make sure to enter the code 'HELLO20' at checkout. I've tried to find a good wee mix of partywear and casual wear (ie lots and lots of deliciously chunky boots) as well as things that could be bought for gifts - like this 'best of' Origins set, which was already a bargain before the 20% off hit. And you know this polka dot skirt that I wear all the time? They now have it in in green, black and TIGER PRINT as well (you bet your ass I bought the tiger print one. It's grrrreat. Sorry... sorry). Also, how good are the star print platforms?


Lots of goodies on here, again with up to 50% off! There are lots and lots of nice Winter boots, cosy fur jackets and the best cropped jeans I've seen. Have a wee look at the full Black Friday selection here!


All Saints is alllways a good one on Black Friday because they do great great outerwear but, of course, they're not at the most purse-friendly prices. The brown snakeprint jacket is one of my favourite picks (I've had a crush on it ever since seeing Lucy Williams in it here) and the Balfern leather jacket is one I've had in my wardrobe for about five years now and would recommend a million times over. A very good Black Friday sale if you're after an investment piece... Shop the full 30% off errthang here!


Maje have up to 30% off but - wait for it - it doesn't launch until tomorrow. 'Why would you do this, Amy?', well... I just wanted to put together a wee selection of some of my favourites because it's too good not to mention.

Monca Vinader Black Friday deal
Now, this one's a belter if you're after a special Christmas present (or if you want to gift yourself a little present, absolutely no judgement here, you saw what I did in Topshop). Monica Vinader, who are one of my favourite favourite jewellery brands, have two deals going on - 40% off of sterling silver and 30% off the entire site. Pretty good huh? Absolutely worth a wee browse - check out the site here.

Also worth noting (I had to stop rounding up my favourite picks before I ran myself into grave debt) is Monki, who have up to 50% off, Sweaty Betty, who have 25% off EVERYTHING (very good to get in there now so you can put them on in January and feel fit, whether you exercise or not is details schmetails) and Anthrolopogie with up to 20% off everything (a very, very good one for Christmas presents) and Whistles with 30% off everything as well - whoopa!

Happy shopping!