Thursday, April 12, 2018

Donald where's yer trousers?

The Little Magpie Red Topshop tartan trousers edinburgh

The Little Magpie Tartan Trousers Edinburgh

The Little Magpie Red Topshop tartan trousers edinburgh

The Little Magpie Tartan Trousers Edinburgh

The Little Magpie Red Topshop tartan trousers edinburgh

 TOPSHOP red tartan trousers (similar here and here and the same pair in green/blue can be found here), red leopard courts & Merci tee | H&M earrings | RAY BAN sunglasses

Photos by Kirsty McLachlan

Hey pals. I'd like to start with an apology because I can't find a single thing I'm wearing online anymore. How very frustrating, I know. I did manage to find the exact same pair of trousers in a different tartan though so I've linked them above in case you'd like a little slice of Scottish-ness for yourself. I wear these trousers all the time (maybe more than is socially acceptable now I come to think of it) and I wore them on a flight home back at the beginning of the year and the American man next to me loudly exclaimed, "oh man, I LOVE your trousers - what tartan are they?". And I had a horrible moment of, 'do I just make up a clan name to keep him happy and hope he doesn't ask any more questions or do I break his heart and tell him that we don't all wander round in Scotland brandishing our family tartans'. In the end, after a long pause, I just said ', Topshop' and I've never seen anyone look more disappointed. I knew I should have said the McDougallhaggis.

Anyway, that's the story of my trousers. Now, I want to get cracking on with my travel posts so I'm thinking maybe Sunday for a guide and then back to outfits on Tuesday?

Ok bye for now.



the gold lipstick said...

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Laura said...

Hahaha that tartan trouser story really cracked me up! Poor guy!

Anyway - I LOVE this outfit - especially the Topshop (:D) trousers and those shoes. Swoon! xx

Laura // Middle of Adventure

Adventureswithcourtt said...

The pants are adorable. I love the plaid print.

D. said...

Loved the story! Definitely should've just said a name hahaha


what kate made said...

The tartan might be Stewart Black modern.

nicova said...

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Unknown said...

lmao that's the best story. I would definitely have made something up. Lovely trousers

7sevendays said...

mix and match....just perfect

mokath said...

Love the outfit.
I want a pair or two of tartan trousers.

Unknown said...


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