Monday, February 12, 2018

Elmo's in Edinburgh

The little magpie H&M red fur coat The little magpie H&M red fur coat The little magpie H&M red fur coat The little magpie H&M red fur coat
H&M faux fur coat | ALL SAINTS cream knit | URBAN OUTFITTERS burgundy cords | KAREN MILLEN black buckle bag | TOPSHOP platforms
Here we have photographic proof of one of my biggest mistakes to date. I stupidly, stupidly wore open toe shoes in Scotland in January and thought I'd be ok because I had fishnets on. What. A. Fool. Roughly half an hour after these snaps were taken I lost all feeling in 8/10 toes and had to take refuge in a local cafe where I briefly considered pouring boiling hot tea over my feet in order to revive them. Not a high point, I must say. Still, we live and learn and my top half was very warm in this big H&M fur. I spotted a woman at the airport wearing it but she looked stressed and was half-running half-walking to a gate so it didn't really seem like an appropriate time to shout, 'WHERE'S YOUR JACKET FROM'. But my prayers were answered when I spotted it in H&M the next week hanging there looking lovely (it was the last one left and it was my size and I absolutely love when that happens because I can pretend it's fate and that I'd be doing the universe a disservice by not buying it). 

Anyway, I apologise for going a little awol this week  - I was in New York until Friday and am off to London this morning for an exciting shoot so it's been aaall go. I've got a good few posts coming this week to make up for it though, promise.