Monday, October 16, 2017

Comfort Blankets

The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top pink-heels-The Little Magpie Revolve Crop Top-53

Hello friends! First up, thank you for all your lovely comments on my latest posts, it really means a lot whenever someone takes the time to leave a little something so thank you so very much for that. Secondly. I've eaten so much halloumi this weekend that I'm minorly concerned I might actually turn into a block of halloumi. It's worrying. 

Anyway, on a more relavant note, here's a new outfit post for you! I know that Autumn has fully graced us with its presence but I still have one or two (or maybe three) posts left to share from when the weather was that slight bit warmer. Which wasn't actually as long ago as my heating bill would imply. As you very well know, a crop top or jumper and high waisted trousers is my go-to combination so there's nothing new here in that department, but I just find it's like a little comfort blanket to me. A midriff-baring comfort blanket but a comfort blanket all the same. The trousers you will have seen many a time on my Instagram but I think - correct me if I'm wrong - that this is the first time you're seeing them on here? It's possibly the first time you'll be seeing the crop top too but definitely not the last, I actually had in on again this weekend for a friend's welcome home party actually (where some of the aforementioned halloumi eating took place). It's a really beautiful shape and I absolutely love the scoop neckline but it's worth noting that it's itchy. It's so incredibly itchy. Not so much so that you'll want to take it off but just that you'll be a little aware of it from time to time. It's beautiful though and very flattering so I'm trying not to hold that against it too much.

Well, myself and Kirsty are off to shoot some more content today so you'll be seeing that soon along with some other stuff we shot last week! Whilst I'm on the topic, is there anything else you'd like to see more of on here? Beauty? Skincare? Diary-style posts? Videos? Nudity? Let me know.


P.S Excuse the slightly mad hair, I'm trying my very best to give my poor dry hair a rest by not using any straightners/curlers for a while. I give it a week before I crack.