Monday, August 28, 2017

The Boho Dream Dress

Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-209 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-216 The Little Magpie Topshop Cream Dress Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-249 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-295 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-227 The Little Magpie Topshop Cream Midi Dress Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-286 The Little Magpie Cream Topshop Dress          TOPSHOP cream midi dress & embroidered jacket | CAMILLA ELPHICK silver boots | EDGE OF EMBER gold hoop earrings

Photos by Lianne Mackay

Hi there, hello. This week I thought I would do something different. Something that's never been done before.

No I'm just kidding, it's probably been done many times before. I'm doing a 'Week in Topshop' feature! As you may or my not have realised from my Instagram, I'm currently a Topshop Ambassador which, for someone who spent 90% of their income - and time - at uni there, was a pretty cray cray moment. Because of that, I've been spending a little more time in Topshop as of late (just, like, 20 days a month rather than my usual 15) and have spotted some very, very nice pieces coming in. Enough for me to put together four full outfits worth, which is rare. So, I thought I'd share them all this week, one after the other, and at the end you can tell me which your favourite is. Or that you think I have a Topshop problem and need to get out more. Either will do. 

For my first look I had to go for this cream dress... it was calling out to me, 'Amy, buy me quickly and buy me now'. Again, you might know from my Instagram that I already own it in black. A couple of months ago I had to do two talks in Edinburgh and Glasgow with Topshop and, as a horrible, horrible public speaker, I decided I needed a sassy dress to give me a little confidence boost (spoiler: a nice dress can only go so far, my hands were still shaking so much to hold my phone). Anyway, I spotted the black version online, wore it and have never looked back since! I absolutely love it cream as well; it's so much more wearable than you'd think and can be dressed up or down very easily. Here I went for a kind of middle ground look and then added the khaki jacket to show how easily it can be worn casually for a... casual event (it's early morning and no examples of a casual event are currently coming to mind). I also think it'd look incredibly boho-y and Free People-esque with a big hat and cowboy boots and lots and lots of fine jewellery.

And that is my first look! Stay tuned tomorrow for... tomorrow's look. And I really hope you like this feature!